Why we swing for the fences | Our 2020 annual letter

Why we swing for the fences | Our 2020 annual letter

This is our first time on the continent. So, this is Tanzania. I would say that trip had a profound effect on us. Never in a million years expecting that it would influence what we eventually did with the foundation. We realized how little we knew about Africa and the people. People were dealing with a lot of challenges. The Annual Letter this year is reflecting on 20 years of the foundation. Twenty years’ worth of work, and what we’ve seen that’s made a difference, and what the progress has been. Well extreme poverty has gone down dramatically. Very good. We are seeing people’s health in Africa
getting better, particularly children under the age of 5. Vaccines are getting out there, rather quickly, certainly compared to before. In the case of pneumonia and diarrhea, there was a great vaccine being used in the
rich countries. We’ve made sure the financing was there to get it out to all the children in the world. Being a partner in the vaccine fund, Gavi, that’s been a spectacular success. Global Fund, which helps with AIDS, tuberculosis,
and malaria, we were not only part of funding, we were part of the measurement to know whether the money was being spent
effectively. With the right partnerships you have to be able to measure things to know whether life is improving for people. We decided that needed to become a serious part of our work. The fact that the foundation is 20 years old, it’s a bit of a shock. It’s like wow! Over the next 20 years, we are going to be that much smarter. We are going to have new tools. And how do you, deliver those in a way that people will take those innovations that might help improve their lives. We have so much more to learn. So, every year, going to new places and seeing where we can
help. Philanthropy is a growing movement, a lot more can be done. I want people to know that progress is possible, and that philanthropy has a role. It can be magical and it can create real progress.

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  1. 40+ Million Quarantined In China! Bill Gates, SILVER MANIPULATION & MUCH MORE! MAJOR UPDATE!
    Youtube Comment:
    Bill Gates worked with John hopkins university to create it, John hopkins bragged on twitter on December 21st about how the world needs a good reminder of how global pandemics works. There is even a photo of that tweet circulating. I double checked the tweet yesterday to see if it was real and it was still there. I looked again this morning and it's gone, they deleted the fkn tweet.
    They know we are onto them now.
    —This is what happens?… when you challenge dollar hegemony.

  2. Really Coronavirus Wasn’t ‘Predicted’ In Simulation by Bill Gates ? OR Aanother Lie ?

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  4. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. This dude is a globalist that is all for depopulation and was involved with the lab where the coronavirus came out of and funded the pandemic series that came out right before coronavirus came out ..

  5. Hi, sir, I am from India, and I have heard that you are doing charity for poor in our country that's really awesome but be aware that there are so many fraudsters in India who will take your money and didn't help the poor. I know a person who was stealing your money in the name of charity. so, please be careful before trusting the people.

  6. I'm glad there's still informed people out there who don't support this disgusting man. Thank you very much for being smart and not a sheeple following the masses by watching media!

  7. Can bill gates pls go tell donald trump he has asperger. N that he is a real estate mogul expert n that he needs to find time to find baron n all his kids line of specific expertise n to learn how to cope with little politically correctness backlash as a result of being aspies .. it would help him n his family greatly n help america in its vicinity… because… if anyone the people trust to not launder their tax paying money to make them rich n famous its donald trump in fact donald CAN help america achieve the american dreams n teach americans to be rich n famous n build an empire. Because he has. Wayyy before entering office..compared to hillary or biden per say. So trump knows hes a real estate mogul expert but i doubt he knows he has asperger or his sons especially baron. N it would help his family to cope if they do..as well as demi levato, bill gates, jordan peterson hamza yusuf , elon musk, johhny depp..amber heard, grimes, lex friedman, joe rogan.. man he hes an expert at listening n talking.. 😂.. essentially any expert at any field.

  8. All very good…….but the Chinese corporations moved in, and are putting Countries in serious debt, that they haven't got a hike of climbing out of …..ever.
    All in the name of valuable minerals

  9. Oh boy if only other anti – vaxers like me saw this. Stop givning kids in third world countries the chance of getting autism

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  11. Excellent job of philanthropy by bill and Melinda hope to see this movement take over every disease in world….Good Luck Bill sir

  12. Thank you Bill & Melinda for funding the Coronavirus vaccine since at least 2015. I know you stand to profit billions from it and I know you will use those billions wisely to create another supervirus that is better and more effective than wuhan-400 at killing more people faster. Although you will never achieve your goal of global depopulation and your anti-human agenda will ultimately fail, it won't be for lack of trying. You've learned to use the mask of philanthropy even better than Rockefeller. My only wish is that you and your psychopathic philosophy (and your accomplice friends) be exposed to the public and real justice be done onto you all.

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  14. Cool let's forget about Microsoft s monopolistic ways … Look we also do good stuff … Don't worry about our unethical business practices.

  15. Thank you for improving our world, for using your money to help people, and to serve as role models for others with resources.

  16. In my childhood i know billionaire but now he is also a good person for society.. of poor people..
    I wish to like hime .. in my adulthood ..

  17. If you can donate your earnings of this channel of a single month. I can build a school in Sri Lanka. I'm an educationalist there.

  18. With due respect.I am Feeling encouraged,through listening and watching the video.It's powerful message for me.I realize,#Love(s) connects people,place and purpose.Love Changes Everything.And Help us better understand how people interact with us.Indeed,You and Your wife #Melinda Gates,life an inspiration to all of us: Happy to connect:
    Thank You and God Bless!

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