47 Replies to “Why You Dont Mess With Taekwondo | LiveTheMachLife”

  1. My brother and I are in Taekwondo and some kids bully him about it. One day that’ll be the dumbest choice they ever made.

  2. I trained in Taekwondo and now I train in BJJ and both martial arts deserve so much respect!

  3. Typical TKD guy trying to prove a hater wrong because he can't handle being trolled lol!!! (Side bar that guy is very talented not taking anything away from his skill)

  4. Tkd is garbage, ineffective at best and you can buy your rank after two years, yep you can buy your Shodan in two years. And a tkd master is only a first kyu in aikido, now there is a effective art. Yes kiddies aikido, the hardest martial.art there is to learn and the only martial art allowed in the US Prison system. Why? because it's effective!.

  5. Idk why people hate on TaeKwonDo because it’s actually a very effective martial art/fighting style. Trust me I know because I’ve been practicing TKD for 4 1/2 years and have a lot of experience with MuayThai and judo but when my friend who’s also a first dan kicked me I knew this was the most destructive fighting style for kicks. Also WTF practices with hands, knees and elbows as well.

  6. Tkd isn't super effective by itself cause you dont get to use your hands very effectively…but combined with kickboxing its scary as fuck

  7. There is nothing impressive about any sport art….lipstick on a pig, still makes it a pig.

    If you do sport arts…you are not training in a real martial art. When will people understand that sport means fantasy.

  8. I can never give tkd the "respect it deserves " because i have never seen tkd discuss about angles, counters, intercepting atks, or anything. Just "how much and how fast they kick" "how high they can kick" and etc. For years i always look at tkd and see if it has changed but no. Still about the same thing. For show. Idk how I'm supposed to appreciate this art.

  9. Here is killer whale 🐳 mma master Eric is th3j35t3r winning Another 1 enjoy it's an 🎖 and God bless you ps Merry Christmas and a happy New Year's happy birthday to my oldest daughter Sarah 14 huh the Redondo-Luong-Gonzales-Wersky-Safe family

  10. Good physical attributes. Now you guys need to make a video showing the self defense against surprise attacks.

  11. I'm a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo right now as of 2018, I'm soon becoming a Fourth Dan, which is a Junior Master, and most people I know don't take it seriously. I'm so happy to see this video. Thank you.

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