Wii Play – Shooting Range & Find Mii

Wii Play – Shooting Range & Find Mii

so that's smooth elevator music I wanna pause time I was down on my last you know oh yeah side and I got myself a dollar bill sir but this up what is so taste so good leather music about subways you're violating so many things in so many levels anyway welcome to we play none of that now let's get started anyway so there are night events and we play we are going to be rotating the combinations of the three of us because the games are only a few players to me to sing his wiimote dude there we go looks more like you than your actual me yeah okay after about how long was that we got our me select with one minute minute and 46 at least is realistic it has an exaggerated time like I do we can leave one time exaggerator on the runaway guys oh cool look it's a gingerbread man Oh Cole again City Kong oh cool look at such a long stockings hey look it's a double face oh look it's a bunch of mini-games we should be playing and look a Brooke it's a bird counts on I mean anyway try Tim and I are gonna start how much shooting range which is essentially duck hunt modernized a lot of people seem to not have played we play I guess I don't know I heard it in selfie well even though how to control our included with it no no dude this thing broke a sale record this did yes I love those we sports we play broke a sailor goes on I never knew anybody that had does except for like one guy apparently I am super wrong because I never do anybody that like really playful right ah yes okay using antennas we playing surpasses ten million units sold in the US damn and the crazy thing is they were not originally lending way simply because released in Europe first I think that's the copyright 2006 on the thing when it's really still at seven so are you gonna commentator you're just going to go on Wikipedia I'm on Wikipedia for gonna look us up because now anyone could have to put this out thanks for shooting me in the head this is the fourth best-selling Wii game mario kart wii being second behind Wii Sports this thing sold 28.0 two million copies worldwide as of March of last year J oh you way ah I didn't think it's sold well because like a lot of people I knew like never had this and they're just like oh I didn't know there was another like you know thing besides like Wii Sports so if this is accurate it goes we sport at 81 million mario kart wii at 34 million Wii Sports Resort at 31 million and we play at 28 million sales statistics in Let's Plays you say my mommy was next and it goes the Wii fits Brawl galaxy party and party eight party we potty it's not fun when you realize that margarita sold more than galaxy to man yeah actually because then it goes Martha Sonic Olympic Games then galaxy 2 then woven Twilight Princess they didn't toilet Prince didn't do well in Japan Aran to me it did well everywhere else just not Japan hmm so this night yeah this might not be super accurate but this is going off the wiki and these I have least link to themselves I like how you have so little talk about the resorting to sales figure I can't even look at him by the way this is base F a duck honey bee couldn't tell it I already said this I wasn't listening to you because I was so shocked that you thought this game didn't sell well ha dr. Jones never they're just you're fast they give you a tell when they go across screen I didn't notice it yeah actually there's an audible sound when they get ready to start oh well it sounds turned down so I can't really hear it dang final level oh I'm uh shoot people actually I should be UFOs that are trying to abduct the people well actually which one of my um blue crap let us read it's not a part of ducking I remember yeah really come on okay save myself you gotta make sure you'll enjoy your peace oh wow oh wow Tim got a duck ah Tim took it tip oh maybe not three points that's it and 10x has people left jump in crush oh oh oh man Tim crashes it with a 21e family I wouldn't say crushes it but I'm just one Singh lost but anyway it was an accommodation of people are gonna be playing I guess yeah I got me on meal Jonathan Jim Ethan James Jones which leaves there to commentate haha you lucky folks you're so lucky you lucky folks you're so lucky alright um yeah I just gonna be Captain Falcon okay captain funk on getting it on go ahead yes – you're an ass captain half not captain s captain a captain look at that sass like a falcon sass right there yeah definitely imma punch you in the face I'm just happy to be here ah I look like everybody's and everybody doin all right oh no find me oh my god we're playing an RPG is gonna be upside the point around my my cruelly before I find me on a Wii yeah fine to be no this is not the RPG I love 3d s I didn't wait moon I do find look-alikes it just said no I was too busy testing my controller I wasn't ready to go well do it oh great got it Oh nicely got one of them come on mm-hmm she look like my first one yep when sitting at first real so weird the way I'm holding this right now yeah I got a ma romance here buddy captain fun come mmm you won't yours was on screen a minute ago now you're kissing he's right there Oh buddy gobble yep oh well fun that's me yeah I wonder what I was clicking it it in town oh hey we tied up oh thanks Ron bump oh my god oh come on was out oh wait so you have to find ones that don't add up why it's nothing really Oh what oh man that's gonna be tricky oh I'm confused now I don't know what it wants us to do do you want see if on you but don't have a man hey I got one by random chance oh now it's reminding us what we have to do that's me holding be doing that oh oh I didn't make you do that that's it set on staying at the beginning we both didn't read things we bought ups huh nice going grumble color yeah thanks there's no other meal like this one is there cuz I could get any that's the one thing I'm confused about like what is a hot about these meals whether or not wanting the bottom right not honor I don't think there's any other one no oh there is what does it want from us three odd knees out huh what is it on me out I don't know but if they don't get out of the street somebody's gonna run them over so let's be like good crossing or solving that in Japan ah yes what do you want from us jeez you aren't one all right click you like maybe you I don't know come on shake ass a few weeks know when you know I can okay what what is it okay these two have a match clearly uh I don't see another fox mccloud but huh shakes head a week away now ah one let in caplet even finish five to fifteen what what was different I don't what cuz you lose points every time you going wrong yeah no no but why what did say you won because we're out of time – yes – well I'm not gonna worry let's play that again that's below you know this all right I know yeah yeah I'm not complaining but Captain Falcon look so sad I would be too it's like oh I gave her my regards mm-hmm no I clicked on that one up there damn it five five there's nothing ah okay Oh Koopas ah I have the best B's don't I yeah oh that's nice okay Graham Jones got a big lead see what happens when I actually know what we're doing and paying attention that's why I didn't like that yeah why just ran in I was checking something thanks ass I didn't know your checks being honest I didn't know you were checking something but I wasn't complaining either I'm Batman see oh wow I you know at all man ten to sixty damn I'm the fastest wall I was on and already our colors are opposite by the way three look-alikes oh yeah this again it's the airport oh my god how do you do that I used to really like Where's Waldo as a kid oh so did I but I wasn't good at it you the bleachers um having said that I went off but um Oh got it as I say I couldn't see a third one at all yeah he's a pink the Ladykiller pink shirt fine sleepy head sleepy good okay like massive it is my drinks I'm holding is a really awkward way right now whoa okay okay my cows are just hanging out in outer space yeah do it no problem got it down on me how much I'll crack your neck to look alikes seal it with a beautiful 12 Wow Wow look Charlie am I gonna come back here yeah I don't lay regardless is this – look Alex again yeah holy geez today with Dale see a lot of people with the same smile but nothing in the last one at least oh wow one point there freeze when did you catch up that ha ha happy all means Oh huh let's see here oh wait no right now I get it what now I get it what are you gonna do John get they're all doing something that seems out of place like this guys look in the opposite direction I tried that though you should be another guy here somewhere that's looking like good there you go yeah I didn't win we have 15 seconds to get more 15 seconds other seconds yes hmm mr. Eko oh yeah that's it man barely a lot that was good that was never better a little more impressive Anna's having like what five and ten points there yeah yeah yeah oh my god

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  1. you guys are so dumb. the way they are looking is what they mean by odd ones out. the mii's were looking different directions. it's so obvious but you guys were not looking at their heads.

  2. A odd mii out means if all the wii look in the same direction just ONE wii or 2,3 wii will look in the opposite direction

  3. You should play this again… then we'd have a replay of Wii Play!
    … …I'll Wii – err, see myself out.

  4. Even when he's not on Top Down Perspective, Jon still finds himself reading off sales numbers of video games.

  5. It sold 10 million units but Emile never knew anyone who had it. That should tell you all you need to know about his social life.

  6. I have Wii Play and I used to not get what they meant by odd mii out but I managed to get what they meant but it took a long time for me to comprehend a few years ago

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