26 Replies to “Wii Sports Resort – Table Tennis – vs The Champion”

  1. I remember always losing to the champion so I wanted to give it another try, so after this video I got my Wii from storage, plugged it in. Got the Wii sports resort case, found out there's no disk in it, eventually found out the disk in a mario case. Then I put the disk in, found out my wiimote wasn't working-new batteries fixed it. Then I found out sound wasn't working on my TV and I still ain't fixed it. I finally booted up the game, pressed table tennis 1vs1 so excited to face the champion- I find out im skill level 2000………

  2. brings back memories, i used to hit it to the left is she was on the right, but if she was on the left i would hit it to the right, that somehow worked

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