Wild elephant breaking an Electric fence !

Wild elephant breaking an Electric fence !

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  1. They should make a bridge or something so that wild animals can cross the road. It's silly to make them stay in one part of the forest alone just because you are having a road in between. First of all highways could be avoided through forests.

  2. Many rail and road route are passing through protected animal sanctuary to avoid Land acquisition issue which are very high in indian subcontinent due to high human density . Many peaceful innocent and rare animal are killed in accidents while crossing road and rail . They have to cross for just food , water and habitat as per seasonal change

  3. Ye kon c road hai aor log itny nadar ho k guzar jaty hain …kharat hai sath mein jungle aor jungley janvaar daraly sy road py aa jaty hai……

  4. So, you put electric fence to avoid those elephants entering that road, right?..After you take their habitat, their land, their homes..😢😭😭😭 So sad…

  5. Elephants are one of the very intelligent animal and very faithful and friendly to we human beings…if we trained love them then…they understand the love, effection and feeling of others…lots love and respect from for this vedio..

  6. These elephant was so clever….
    I don't understand why you are putting electric fence it maybe harmful not only to elephant but also to people …
    You see how clever the elephant what if the people was accidentally touches that electric fence so dangerous…
    I hope let the elephant roam free .

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