Win and Win Wiawis recurve bow

Win and Win Wiawis recurve bow

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  1. So I’m confused… do I need all this crap hanging off my bow??? I guess as long as the colors are matching… 🙄

  2. Hello I would like to know what is the price of the bow win & win as you have it mounted on this video I mean complete

  3. Why we can't find a store like this in Brazil? I want to buy a riser like this but import is too² expensive

  4. Please can you tell me the difference between the LIMBS: W&W limbs Rapido and the Hoyt GRAN PRIX 840 ? I sincerely would appreciate your advise. Thanking you…!!!

  5. Can you give me a bit more information on the sight you use, quality of product vs the Shibuya for example?

  6. I only shot compound bows. I am thinking of getting this set up, 45 lb draw, as my first recurve bow. Then I can learn and get stronger in one bow. Good idea or bad idea?

  7. WTF?! What sorcery is this?! Where's the noise?!?!?! I NEED this set up (but can't afford it)!!! I own KAP Winstorm 2 risers, newer SF riser. I love them! I'm sure I will love a CXT or this Wiawi$!!!

  8. Great review – wish I had seen this one first. I watched your previous video on the Forged + (your old bow) went to market and bought pretty much the same. However the experience at first was ok but now I just see quality all around with other peoples setup and feel I have probably wasted some time and money. I am going to upgrade the limbs and possibly the sight to see if it feels a better setup. I wish you the best of luck with the new bow, certainly looks like you are struggling with the poundage right now hopefully you won't compromise form for power as you prescribed in other videos.

  9. Win&Win are no doubt an amazing company who provide amazing products I am torn between the Win&Win wiawis and the MK Alpha. For me the biggest thing about a purchase is to be able to rely that the product wont fail on you on full draw. By you mentioning that you've never had to replace one shows great promise for Win&Win.

    Could you shed some light on why it is exactly that the Win&Win RCX 100 isn't as popular as the Inno max or wiawis? They both use similar technology and materials, however, the RCX is so uncommon on the range. Why is that?

    On another note, have you ever had experience with any MK products, or heard any issues with the MK MX10 or Alpha 7075 Aluminum risers?


  10. If you took your SF Forged + riser… and set it up exactly the same… limbs, string, site, ect… everything like you have on the Wiawis…  Would it be a top notch bow for advanced competition?

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