24 Replies to “Winter Olympics: Anatomy of a .22 Biathlon rifle”

  1. It's called a two stage trigger htf do you not know that…. take up and release. Everyone knows this don't show your stupidity

  2. Each rifle has a "magazine holder" that holds "clips"? I thought you just said it was a magazine holder? What the hell?

  3. jk i love biathlon, i wish there were more places in my country to practice this sport but saddly its too minoritary. maximum rispect for those athletes

  4. 22!!!!! its a 22 therefore is an m16 .
    what are these people training for? cold war?
    im sure this sport was invented by trump
    BahANn All gUunNs N0w PliezzZ

  5. first of its .22 caliber, not .22 rounds. second if it holds clips its a clip holder, if it holds mags its a mag holder.

  6. Why do you care what he calls the magazines, the guy probably shoots ten times better than you, stop showing of your little knowledge

  7. It is sad how much gimmicks that olympians shooters need to shoot well with a 22lr lmao.
    The hard part is the Skiing and only if you dont know how to ski. Only thing you need is the harness.

  8. I bet I could smoke all these athletes with my piece of shit Ruger 10/22… unless an possum shows up because I'd miss the paper target and shoot that instead. Can't eat a paper target for dinner.

  9. biathlon athelete: i love my 22
    Me: i dont want a 22 for this crap
    *bring the front end of a a-10 warthog
    Me: it shoots bullet thats all matters

  10. This rifle has a pistol grip? So this guy has been training people for 20 years on how to use assault weapons. God, how can we be safe anymore. I mean, it even has a backpack sling. Next thing you know he'll be adding a bump stock so he can fire at full semi automatic rates of fire. And it's even got a strap at the front to stabilize the rifle. Ban this machine gun.

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