26 Replies to “Wood Fence Installation”

  1. Can someone please tell me the size how big are the posts? The piece of wood that goes on the top.

  2. This a helpful video! I actually bought a guide from Amazon and it worked just fine with simple instructions! Check it out

  3. This is a good crew…they work fast and well together. Good nail gun control. Although toe nailing is extremely strong, rail clips or hangers would greatly improve the longevity of this fence.  AZ Fence Contractor

  4. Is it generally harder for shorter guys to work in the fence industry ??? I'm asking because framing is hard for short guys.

  5. What's wrong with hard hats ignorant people. These guys are bresenting themselves being professional. I own a Landscape company and i have my crew with uniforms and hardhats at all times. These guys do good work!

  6. Oh I love the internets !! People love to talk crap !! But they wouldnt know the first thing to do when it comes to actually doing the job day in day out … Hahahaha

  7. crap work, you can tell. No metal hangers so it won't last long. No screws. They're wearing hard hats and vests lol. I know many master fence builders, never seen a single one wear a hard hat and a vest. This looks like the road crew thought to build a fence. None of those boards will last very long without any joist hangers/fence clips. Sloppy.

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