18 Replies to “Working on my gun range and broke tractor”

  1. Nice to see you updating your channel again, I first found your channel when you did your series on the Martini-Henry and Franccote Rifles πŸ™‚

  2. Glad to see you are still going,, you were one of my first YouTube creators,, I was in fear you were forced into exile..

  3. It saddens me to see one of the guys who got me interested into building AKs not be able to upload such videos anymore. I hate being a part of this type of History. Ginsboy2003, one of the greats that our children may never know.

  4. Good to see you again and to know all is well . Range looks real good !! Thanks to your son for his service . See you soon I hope .

  5. A lot of gun channels are moving from YouTube to full30.com, where a lot of content that YouTube "squashes" can be found. I really enjoyed your build videos, and while some YouTube creators are trying to make YouTube a better place (https://youtu.be/EUxxLZz_2NU?t=137) Myself and many others prefer to easily watch what we enjoy on YouTube, and for those prohibited items, go to alternative video hosting sites.

    Since You Tube is a private concern, they can conduct their business however (legally permissible) they want, but they are going to sacrifice a certain amount of ad revenue to other video hosting platforms.

    YouTube is the best video platform available for most viewers, and as long as ad revenue sustains their decisions, YouTube will do whatever it's Executives decide. The best that can be hoped for, is that other video hosting sites will up their game and equal the advantages of using YouTube, at which point YouTube will be feeling the pinch enough through lost revenue, that Executives might moderate some of their reprehensible policies.

    They could, of course, maintain their present draconian policies and become a bit like any other political organization supporting a particular viewpoint: being unable to make any changes they may desire in society, as simply being unable to get anyone in power that will make a difference to their political agendas (all the while losing ad revenue).

  6. God bless you, it's been a while since you posted, welcome back πŸ‘Œ
    Besides you get a little chubby man 🀣

  7. Super nice range and good to see you again. From the looks of it with all that red clay dirt and pine trees I would say you are in the south somewhere…

  8. Communism is working it's way in . How companies are volunteering censorship of content. Thinking they are bettering the content by limiting the tier of knowledge available. Yet blinded by voluntarily falling to communist control.

  9. Nice Range you’ve built. I sure do miss your build videos, always enjoyed watching them. I learned a lot from them.

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