Working Out on a Giant Trampoline?! (Get Jacked)

Working Out on a Giant Trampoline?! (Get Jacked)

Let's go. Drew you look like wonder woman. Why you guys moving so slow my grandma moves faster than this what's going on ? Welcome back to get jacked. Today we're gonna get jacked. Yeah, and I'm gonna get real nervous Why? Because, i've been like smacked around in the face with some balls. I've been abused verbally by Captain Sparklez like doing a bar workout. I don't even know what's in store. Was it his balls that smacked you in the face? Don't ask questions All right, here we go. Box. Something's in it you ready, I'm ready, let's do it. It's a ball. Oh man, so you might be getting smacked with balls again. I can't escape balls, but you know what it build character Tom it's gonna be fine. Okay. I love your positive attitude. I'm going to need that today because I have genuinely *it bounces!* no clue um You got any ideas ? No, lets just get jacked. What's up ? Hey. Hey. What's up ? Let's go, let's go! Boom what's up you guys ? What's going on ? What's all this ? It is hot out there. It is. It is like toasty man. Are we doing hot yoga please say no We are not. Okay. So what are we doing today ? so today we're gonna do a full body workout. We're gonna focus on our core Biceps, Triceps Deltoids. But this is a trampoline place. I understand that. I didn't know you guys actually did work outs. Right like what are we doing other than gravity. Yeah we're gonna do a workout that's what we're gonna do. But, before you guys go, I got a little something for you guys. Presents ? We're gonna gear up y'all ready. SOCKS ! It's what you guys wanna use I get the brand-new pair. How come I get the used pair ? I mean I used those as a good luck charm So he really does care about you. So much affection I feel it. Thanksss. Let's go ahead and jump it out real quick. It's gonna be a little warm up when I say scissor it out And you guys are alternating your feet all right ? Okay. Just like that Oh this isn't bad. Jump forward and back. I want you guys to get used to the trampoline. Oh so this isn't even the workout ? Oh, this is nothing. This the beginning because I was Bad like I can do this. Don't jinx it Tom! I might have you guys trace a "B" top-left corner You're gonna come back to the middle top right ? I like non-contact sports Tom . Come on guys go I'm feeling good fine now. I feel like the food is definitely moving, but I feel good okay Just make sure he doesn't come off all the way up So we started up like bouncing just up and down and I was like okay This is the workout like we're Golden like oh This is just what kids do they jump right foot on the pad you're going to move all the way to the end quickly our Next card which I'm too worried. It's all right back that way all right Just like that quick feet you want to make sure you alternate okay? I got 30 seconds ready. Yeah. Yeah, go let's go Make sure you also need those hands come on. I feel oh, we're dancing. Yeah, let's go out. We got 20 seconds come on This is just the beginning you guys. I want it to be over now. Oh yeah, got ten seconds. Let's go ahead. Come on. Let's go Come on 5 ! 4 ! 3 ! 2 ! and 1 ! Play next week Dirty snake you just go come on Scared, okay, still little there you go keep it going don't cross there you go What's he doing over there salsa? Yeah? You're gonna squat press on a trampoline. Oh, God you ready yeah ride a horse you ride the horse. Yeah Come on. There you go don't lean over now. You better add it on horse sound effects Right now. Oh my gosh, you can't light ready you are Four three two and one go down back of the horse back. You know what they say Doc be a scissor get back on the horse. You got the pony she got the horse. It's broke come on. I Think victor likes drew, I don't know I wasn't really looking at Victor But I bet you his eyes weren't on my butt sure are you ready with make sure you eye contact with me again? Yeah, go for it Ha ha okay, so the gyrating wall thing is a sexual bit look It's just a lot of vibrations a lot of grunts waddell sweating and then someone yelling at you. Oh Three do one run oh I can do that. I've your dirt. I vote We go all right all right what you guys doing like I've spent more last go I feel like I'm on a registered sex offenders list after doing that wall workout Hey, what's going on man? Good? I'm a little scared now, not. I don't want to hear that, ya know I'm feeling cocky right now. I'm not gonna Lie dude. That's pretty easy. You don't scare me timid. You scare me I don't scare you nadia You're scaring to assad you got going on with to the end last one to make it gives me 25 push-ups Matrix-like well we were bouncing up and down and he was said it was the warmup perfect Okay, since I give me that bad like this is fun What I thought these are doing those suicides and how to do push-ups and bounce off the wall. I'm like wait a minute Well, I like to bounce off the wall. I like it to be because I'm on sugar not because victor made me you know Who you look like one line man movie so slow my grab hold sit in ears were going on come on Up let's go come on nice. I like that the baton give you know stylish Droid come on. Let's go come on Yeah, three more three one two three there you go nice. You're beating us. Let's go guitar. Oh my God He's gonna. Give me 25 push-ups. You're not just don't let him track, so High Come on finish now jolin capped off. Let's go mom coming for you drill. Let's go finish it give me that place up Don't let him do it. No. Yeah. We got a winner. We're gonna go get some water now come on Let's go get some water the del tacos coming back for revenge when Tom and I were having a water break We're just trying to pump each other up We're just trying to gas each other and basically have a game plan to get the hell out So we wouldn't have to do this anymore how do you do this you guys take out the workout mines it does that what amount you don't think I'm getting fatter somehow you're Not getting fatter. Oh, we're getting more jacked obviously keep stalling just keep going Why don't go so we're gonna do fake an injury we fall on the ground? Next time we call you do the fake an injury. I'm gonna go with Broken ankle yeah Yes, you know animals do that they fake injury so the bear just gets bored and walks away Victor's the bear I'm just a little deer Alright, so what we're gonna Do now is you got the resistant bands you got the rope you cannot alter me you're going to work your biceps You're going to keep going till I say switch go They're your waves got a creek some bigger way go. Oh, wow. That's how Is it going don't fake that beautiful? Thank you keep that back straight I think calm put in a solid effort you know Tom tries his best Tom sweats a lot. That's how you know that He's really trying it best. Holy ha what are you doing? Yeah? Yeah? Let's go guys. Oh me this. Oh come on bigger way, you know Okay It's not a horse anymore. Keep it going alright. I'll be honest victor's a great guy. He's super nice. He's super funny He knows how to push a man But you push a man too far and they might do something that hurts you and by hurting I mean, I mean baking up broken ankle so you can stop working out for 30 seconds We got screwed no stare at my gosh, Sandra. I see this he sees a white room He needs a wife through this is not what it was about Throw me away He just broke a bangle at one point. I was a lie We did that to get out of the workout, but you know he executed it. Well. He's a great actor dude I ahh are you taking it no? Everybody cool. Yeah, I garden planner. I just hurt my ankle dude really bad. Where's it hurt bad right there? It's Yeah oh I didn't know he was a doctor But apparently he's a doctor too because he diagnosed mine on broken ankle really fast He wants a little break get a little resting nice 30-second rest But then after that I made sure I pushed them to the limit let's go back at it I mean, I'm back in now. What happened? What happened? I don't know what happened. I was so weird alright Let's go come on another 45 seconds Whoa, I feel like a puppet alright for those dreams come on Water break oh my gosh guys no good. God. We're done. Yeah over water For the most part they were pretty good though They gave up on me a little bit you know but for the most part you know I feel like they did a great job Like the guy checked I would do this again. It was the first time old you jack. I said I would do this again Actually, it looked like a fun workout like it's better than having to do like yoga or like What's that crossfit like you you know like mr.kidding to bounce up and down with air conditioning even better? I would definitely do this again, but I wouldn't eat fast food beforehand. I'm probably going to eat food again, though I'm still pretty hungry you want to get food after this All right For even more get jack like silhouette to see us play bumper ball soccer or click to the right to see us eat a bunch Of hash browns because life's all about balance, right?

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  1. “I mean I really wasn’t looking at victor but I’m pretty sure his eyes weren’t on my butt” 😂😂😂

  2. I go to sky zone all the time there is a lock in there this Friday where you spend the night and I am going I am super exited!

  3. I have a fractured ankle and when they said fake broken ankle I was like “you lucky you have a choice” lmaooo

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