World champs 2007 trampoline womens individual finals part2

World champs 2007 trampoline womens individual finals part2

at the bronze medal at the 2004 Olympics finishing behind silver medalist Karen Coburn of Canada and Germany's Anna Duggan on say she was a very young 17 years old at those Olympics this year she's won two World Cup silver medals 21 year old was eight at the 2005 worlds a nice start with a half out trifa stock she plans to add some difficulty to her qualifying routine excellent routine now remember she struggled with the finishing qualifying on her out bounce she landed in the prone position you can see she's paying extra attention to her controlled landing here she does a really good job of showing those perfect body positions the tight tucked positions here in the half-out trifa stuck the arms are glued by the side through these straight positions very nice tight tight position these are things that the execution judges are paying close attention to even more so since the last Olympics well every fraction of a point needs something in this competition she needs a score of more than thirty seven point seven to move into first and she has got it with just three more competitors to go she moves into first place here in this women's an individual trampoline final Russia's Natalya chernova just missed making it onto the metal podium in Athens finishing fourth there but Laurie she does have a silver medal from the last World Championships she was first in qualifying at those last Olympics but then like you said just missed a medal in the final and settled with that fourth place finish one of her toughest competitors is her teammate arena karavayev uh they both trained together but say there's no bitter rivalry trampoline is simply their job and the best will win and we will see Irina she is our last competitor of the day well travels throughout this routine strong routine oh but she struggles to maintain control on her belt again that the point six deduction for execution judge who saw Xiao Qiang suffer the same state in the qualifying round not good in a final this competitive travel slightly on her second element here close to the edge of the trampoline but two regains control back into the center of the trampoline her degree of difficulty is a 13-point four she had to make some adjustments throughout the routine so she's a little bit lower than her qualifying degree of difficulty which was 14 points Wang Qiang Qiang the leaders the moment the score to beat is thirty eight point one zero and lor it's hard to believe that Natalya trinova will score that high with with that particular routine again in this competition there are five execution judges the high and lower drop three middle scores are added together the shot scores added to the degree of difficulty for the final scores not only was she not catch when Shanshan but it will leave her off the podium all together so Canada's rosy McLennan holding on to that silver medal position with the trap still to come here is China's hey wanna nori which we mentioned earlier China could have qualified for to this final only allowed though a maximum of two which just shows the death and talent they have in women's trampoline well since trampoline became an Olympic sport in 2000 China has really upped their financial support and resources to the sport and it's paying off with great results on both the men and the women side a fantastic start with a half out trifa stuck and she lands back on the cross but travels slightly here in 1998 China really started to take things seriously in this sport and he went it would have been about 9 years old so she has a product of their highly competitive and technically strong system outstanding their team here well to think that the Chinese had four athletes in the top eight just speaks to that depth and and what a national championship is is going to be for the Chinese as they have to select just two hot leads to compete in Beijing next summer well the tremendous competitiveness within their country will make them stronger for the Olympics where they have a great chance to dominate not only in the women's competition but on the men's side as well as the Chinese won gold and silver here in Quebec City some travel in this routine but her body positions were exact and a degree of difficulties a thirteen point eight just slightly lower than Rosie McLennan that will leave a one of though in third place behind teammate Wang Shanshan and rosy McLennan so with one travel eanes yet to come Rosie can now finish no lower than third place and here is the final competitor of the day 32 year old Irina care of Ava the sports very first Olympic champion and the reigning world champion and Laurie the top qualifier with her traditional start here her pre meet routine of talking to herself through her routine she then looks at her coach Vitali Duke Koch nods and smiles and off she goes the rumor mill is saying that this may be karavayev as last World Championships she may retire after the Beijing Olympics I asked her about and she made no commitment to retiring she said she's still very much loves the sport [Applause] I really caribou a limping champion reigning world champion the question now can she make it back-to-back world titles she had the biggest difficulty in this final there were a few travels but without a doubt this is the best routine in this final she's aggressive she has tremendous height throughout the entire routine she has two triples in this routine that ups her degree of difficulty she needs to be the score of 38 point 1-0 to move into first place and win this championship right now first spot the top spot owned by China's Wang Shanshan thirty eight point six zero point more than Wang tension so Irina Cara ba the makes it back-to-back world titles the Russian wins another world

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  1. I just was on nbcolympics,com and I noticed TRAMPOLINE and i thought there is NO way this is a sport but here ya go I guess. -.-

  2. Anyone who does trampoline/tumbling: Hi! I'm hoping to get into the sport of trampoline/tumbling, what can you tell me about it? Thank you so much!

  3. no need to argue over gymnastics and trampoline! theyre different! just like in track! Usain Bolt would destroy Mo Farah in the 100! but take it to the 5000 and how the tides would turn! If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree it will go its whole life thinkings its stupid! So please dont argue! 🙂

  4. my favorite was the last lady in the white and i just started tumbling a year ago check it out at carialexandra1 !!!!! thanks

  5. no one can do that on the floor because u have to bounce high off the ground unless u can move as super light speed cause u whould just fall after one or two tucks or mabey three

  6. I miss trampolining now! used to compete a lot and from i hurt my self i haven't been on one in 5 years 🙁

  7. LOL yes Valeri Liukin can do that on the phone cause she's a lucky power gymnast and was well talented but not everyone can. Yes trampolinst have an advatange and the judge know that. That's why they're doing triples and quadrouples not singles and doubles.

  8. Amazing, I have always wanted to take trampoline lessons, there is a gym in my state but unfortunately just out of driving distance. I wish I could go

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