42 Replies to “WORLD CUP Soccer Stadium | Minecraft Timelapse”

  1. Hello, I'm a minecraft map maker and recently I'm trying to make the most realistic soccer in minecraft. I believe that the size of your soccer stadium best suits my mechanics, do you mind if I have your map in my map, given that I credit you? (the map may be used for server or singleplayer world)

  2. Yo nice stadium man, feel free to check out my stadiums if you like? only been building them since last August though. Lemme know what you think. Subbed btw!

  3. Can I copy the video and I will make my reaction in my channel and I will post your channel??????

  4. Is this inspired by the Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg Russia?! Because it kinda looks like it. Also good job man !

  5. Dude the only way i found you was when you found me and seeing your builds has re-inspired me to start working on a new city build timelapse series using the replay mod (bc i got a better pc)

  6. Great video! I love watching stadiums structures, and this one is so awesome! I hope you keep making dime stadiums like this!

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