World Record Attempt Open Sight Shot 2240 yards Ernest Jimenez Unmodified K31 Swiss – 7.5×55mm Swiss

World Record Attempt Open Sight Shot 2240 yards Ernest Jimenez Unmodified K31 Swiss – 7.5×55mm Swiss

all right so the big days arrived we're all here at the North Springs range in price Utah we've got earnest de mendez ready to attempt the 2260 yard shot open site on our 36 inch Buffalo that are set up over here Ernie how you feelin brother excellent excellent just thinking about the windage right now tell me about that rifle real quick oh it's uh unmodified a standard p31 Swiss there are no modifications made to this at all none except for the ammo it's 190 grade sierra matchking s– hand loads and yeah it's a standard-issue 1950 Swiss rifle and they're the Swiss rifles are this is Swiss rifles are notorious for a lot of people don't like the setup on the sights but I've grown very accustomed to them I prefer them over anything else there's a lot of different patterns and sight pictures that you can create with it and it helps me put it how I want to put it as far as you know down whatever path and and that sort of thing there's a thing that I look for as far as like the air currents and how I ride it and how to ride the bullet out there and with this site set up particularly the front half it it's got the hooks on it and everything else and it just gives me a wide variety of options as far as how to manipulate it and yeah I just love this rifle it's comfortable it's not powerful well it is powerful but it it doesn't recoil really hard I have to point out that I have to use a led slit for recoil purposes only I've broken my neck twice whenever I shoot any high-powered rifle without any kind of recoil protection I lose the feeling in my hands I've lost most of it already in my left hand just from time but that's a purpose for this I don't use it as a as a aiming platform you know some people question whether I shoot it like this and I don't I just rest my hand underneath it I could put anything down the banana would work anything but that's a person that's a purpose for this it's just 50 pounds 75 pounds total and yeah after I broke my next a second time I was told I couldn't shoot anymore and take him out the ledge slit I solved it right yeah I'm not the most unhappy person in the world how much did you pay for this rifle uh that's embarrassing a lot of people I feel bad sometimes saying it I've gone too big five this gun was for sale for a hundred and ninety-nine dollars and I told the guy at the counter that I would buy it as long as he could provide me one box of ammo but I knew ahead of time that there was no ammo nobody was making Swiss ammo at that particular time this few years ago and the guy says absolutely sure I said okay yo well we're out of ammo I'll call under the store they got to have it okay oh wait I waited he comes back and no no you go we'll get you some ammo next week if you want about it I said no I bet you're lying to me I go the fact is nobody makes ammo for this period I go you're still on a rifle that no one makes a move for I go all hideo break I'll buy it off you for $99 he goes well let me ask my manager I got it for $99 whoa bear is to say that but I won sometimes you win sometimes you lose you know I bought rifles before where I get home and they're not even suitable cuz I wasn't you know the cards weren't lined up but I got lucky with this one I this is my third one and I've always liked the Swiss rifles they I don't know they're they're perfect period awesome I love the triggers I love everything about him what can you say about Ciera God Ciera bullets particularly the 190 grain I have experimented with every kind of bullet that I have been able to get my hands on from about 175 up to about 220 as far as long-range shooting long-range shooting as in beyond a bullets capability to maintain supersonic speed when they go through the the the transonic phase from supersonic to subsonic that in my opinion for the type of shooting I do is the most important factor there's a lot of bullets out there that it will have a higher ballistic coefficient list of coefficient meaning they they have less drag and so they they run out to a thousand very very quickly but what makes the sierra matchking different hands down over any other type of manufacturer is their ability to handle the transonic phase they seem to go through it unaffected which is breaking the sound barrier which happens about 1,100 feet per spekt yeah roughly eleven eleven forty eleven seventy so once it once it goes try once it goes through the transonic phase to where it's subsonic the bullet is still maintaining an absolute perfect trajectory a lot of hole 'it's they'll go through the the shock there's a shock just as it crosses the just like an airplane hitting a sonic boom again right where the air is compressed in front of it and what it'll do is it'll force a very slight yaw in the bullet where it'll it'll fluctuate like this and when you visualize a bullet with a very slight slight slight yaw and then you remember at the same time it's traveling over a thousand feet per second forward and every ten inches is doing a revolution it's got a lot of stability issues it's got to be perfect and once it starts to shudder it'll go into a corkscrew and that's the the factor you usually run into with bullets but I found the 190s with a one to ten twist is just unbeatable I don't know why but it is just yeah it's it's perfect literally in my opinion and I like it I've used the sierra 91 90s for my goodness since I was a teenager and I've always been really fond of excellent stuff whether it be well you get any else before we just get this over with and no no I'm looking at the flags right now they look pretty good I have these are not the bullets that are in here right now are not the bullets I plan on doing the actual shoot with these are I call them feeler shots it's going to throw them out there get an idea of where things are going and then once I have that idea then I'll go to the better rounds but right now conditions look pretty darn near close to perfect at least out to 500 yards least out to a thousand from what I'm looking at the flags are all down so we're here in price Utah where did you drive from ammo belly Palmdale California but it's worth it I'm going to driven four times as far to come here this is the finest shooting range I've ever been to absolutely hands down and I'm not being asked to say that money buddy it really is this is this is the best let's do this it is I'm ready to see it happen we got cameras set up at the buffalo we are ready to go all right a good deal all right good luck make sure we don't walk in front of this oh your thought your high left oh here you go Ernest I'd say four buffaloes left by one Buffalo hi okay he got I saw that yeah that shot really shouldn't count 30 you nope all good you call it where you said nothing whoa okay maybe I generated sickle not you but Bryce oh geez just inches off his head elevation is good they didn't say it I'm down there oh yeah he bright bright and see that house as was a couple anything are nothin no call oh that could be impact that was intact I guess at that angle yeah you're right yeah oh you miss you need a Fraggle leg Tony says Mia frag the front leg hold on let's go over his ass Oh couple inches variations are from the wind right now Oh get under the belly top Lincoln I got I got a jump on it while the wind is Duke in my favor legs coming right at you not a good shot if it hit just luck you oh this is a buffalo nor Springs range it said the seat I was at is I'm on the impression that's twenty to forty yards it may be give or take a few yards but it's one point two seven miles and my goal was to come out here today and hit it and I did and difficulty earlier because the wind was acting really weird it's raining right now it was raining earlier earlier when I was shooting in the wind was alternating coming down like right now it's blowing slightly to the right but there were some really weird wind conditions in them yeah with the help of the spotters nerves buddy I had I was able to hit it yeah I'm just you for it right now I love this sport awesome awesome job my friend that is absolutely incredible do you have any of the bullets you picked up but hey yeah hey John you have some of those projectiles I got to you right here yeah here take a look yeah those are recovered misses and one of them is a hit isn't it yeah here's a yeah one of them to hit here's another recovered miss these are 190 grain see our match Kings couple were me that the dirt doesn't even look like it did making – yeah twist I calculated the impact last time I was here was about 125 I won't know until I review that the tapes and stuff on the velocity and all the rest assessment yeah not not much not much alone and but I'll tell you um I still wouldn't want to catch one Buffalo you make me angry I'm glad you held still this time we didn't hear one good ding and that ding came from our our camera here there I was aiming for that was hiding behind yeah you believe that that's the only heard yeah and it looks like about what the eight ring if it was yeah it'd have been good all right you I should hit that was good oh right Buffalo 100 and a half right I guess at that angle yeah you're right oh the leg you me it you leave frag the leg me a frag the front leg hold on over his ass Oh a couple inches variations are from the wind right now Oh helmet just under the belly a couple inches I got I got a jump on the wind just do in my favor is not gonna

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  1. Open sights? How? I don’t even know if I can see that far? Well done mate. And on a $200 dollar gun. Take that everyone else. Hahaha

    Friggin great shots

  2. I’ve only broken my neck once…but I must’ve been in a much different environment for my break because the impact of my head on the rock snapped it-my head-right off of my shoulders at the 5th cervical vertebra. Myself, I’m paralyzed and a recoil junky…but by no means am I the marksman that you are. I share your passion for the K31, although the bolt action is not as 'slick/buttery smooth’ as yours & others that I’ve seen on YouTube. I guess my rifle needs some more use! Take care of yourself and your neck, brother! Nice shooting!👍🏼👍🏼Here’s an introduction:

  3. Ok Watch Mark Shoot a 6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser in very very windy conditions 2500 Yards is this the new World Record ???

  4. Cheating ass motherfuckers. Do it with out the fucking bullshit rig you have your gun in.

  5. Neck broke 2 times.lead shed making up bullshit story priceless. Why would you shot with a broken neck????.the time you shot without the shed I will watch.sorry broke neck

  6. Man it's like impossible bcz over 1mile it should look like a dot, and there's no magnification on the rifle 😱😱😱

  7. 7:30 if you're mainly interested in seeing the shot and don't care to watch the breakdown of his rifle and the ammunition specs he is using. Cool video

  8. WTH is up with both camera guys just walking right in front of that rifle? SMH. . . 🤦🏻‍♂️

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