World War 2 Guns In VIRTUAL REALITY! | Hot dogs Horseshoes & Hand grenades | w/ Oculus Touch

World War 2 Guns In VIRTUAL REALITY! | Hot dogs Horseshoes & Hand grenades | w/ Oculus Touch

– will didn't be a ours yeah boy howdy pardners how's it going school bet you mil can simulate a little bit more video cut small fee a few did they come back into hot dogs horseshoes and hand-grenades aka hillbilly simulate since we last play they've added some World War two thongs and scopes so today's gonna be a world war 2 V VR VR video glad member if you liked the video hit that like button and if you're new make sure to subscribe to see more videos just like this I got enough beer for the entire video s4 game sure much less a ways to click that fell down below make sure post notifications are turned down for the latest Zen Vlad videos movies 1 help support the channel patreon the in the description or goal box where you can go download and play apps on your smartphone and tablets for a hundred percent free more you download and the more you level up in the games are higher on that leaderboard you get popular leaderboards at the end of monk a bag your gaming y'all choice anyway without further ado let's get drunk and play with some World War 2 guns yeah I know this is a world war 2 themed video but we do have four this is whatever it looks at it is a sexy gun whatever it is so I'm just gonna have a few shots so that is this sir the second 1911 is it never is it's got a red dot sight attached to the top of it that you can't take off yeah sexy at the holes in the trigger this nice little trigger at it I thought normally doing videos like this I'm going to act a completely professional just like the great gun presenters of YouTube I'm not completely a twat I'm doing this for a laugh so we start off with this we go there and that's the pressure as well that's millimeter shells there in a couple inch copper and the extended mag be an extra three rounds in this store for about fifteen dat the moment as you could see it's bit more because it's got they rid that sat on there any extended mag John wit pistol will pop off a few once we get them all in the book now let's practically the left out i'ma try this entire gameplay videos would have left that oh yeah man oh I don't sickness up it was a real hit in the spot just like that slam that out and meet that anymore that's going over there as you can see the grouping on this is I was pretty good I want sure why that one's red we got a clear one clear one please it's gonna test if spilled in suppressor it's not build it and I don't know why I said that's very bad build anywhere turn it on yourself next Romaic full of now meal fake drum wit pistol right everyone arms because I'm professing without that I look at that don't even know if this is Eve you are beautiful oh yeah are beautiful use you hear that silence right there see these little bullets ready who gives a shit about him right or even better grouping only no need their email let's just put that down there okay right let's start off this is the World War 2 section right here that's how I walk don't pick this they say all the World War two guns about by the way you've noticed of my exit turns gear in Z in America and not worry about that focus on the weapons okay that's quite a few World War two raffles and scopes here there is more in here so we're trying to get through as many as we can we may have to do a part two if you liked this video you're over there sorry gasps now when I went to Vegas it was a couple of guns these are su the guns tire or actually shot in real life when I went to Vegas better here boy the fuck was that oh no we're just be adjusting so when I went to Vegas I uh I had got a world war two package that was the 1911 Thompson machine gun and the mp40 there's like a little package that I got I must say the handgun kicked out of most of them then 1a1 Thompson did Jam a normal heart but that then for mp40 was good burn him before he was good so let's on off we've seen let me shoot this so we don't really need to see you see me shoot this anymore that's what it does to wolves and shit in the garbage before the hell I am American so it started off with the mp40 here get quite a few my ex's in case we need him to pop to the plate don't worry about that gun down there okay I don't know actually this is brand new in so I don't actually know how to get that stuck out on this at this moment in time so I'm just gonna is gonna pretend there hasn't got one obviously but so this way you do if you're German back in the day nice little Nazi slam that in there cut back back you're ready to go can you actually oh you can cock it all mates you can be like BAM yeah I'm ready to shoot some Jerry's I'm the Jerry what the hell oh boy sure does have a punch let me tell you and you could obviously just slam that out get another one of those slam that down just slide it one-handed why not most Nazis did back in the day nice it was sabe right there nice little Slavic it all these out the way I'm tempted to get another one of those in doom wheel because I just I forget good look Kong don't judge me blud other mp40 why not yeah I don't know how to get a I'm sorry oh shit I just dropped it a relic and I just dropped their curtain p40 heaven man I wonder if any German ever did this back in the day do you have a record like the Yanks were coming around the corner somewhere and this this dude to spend an extra mp40 this Nazi and use this on a board how's it going perfectly weapon this is a for 2,000 million pounds at the moment beautiful beautiful their weapon right there let's put this one just this here like that oh yes I don't worry about that sword that's in there as I was doing something earlier what so next somewhere Vegas list was obviously one of my favorite guns I have this as a BB gun and let me tell you something that's sliding that in like that just eat the fault no no I'm doing don't worry it's got a five media so we can see the spray now this has got a lot of switches on it Oh beautiful beautiful wet getting right in the bullseye there shit let's rock they'll keep dropping the relic it's such a good weapon to hold man but it did Jam every couple of rounds you know don't need that anymore you look it one more round in there one more mag sorry like I said the Americans that did coke if they ever do well with it alright I know what I'm talking about obviously curse on me let's get on to the the kind of long-range all we still got this one it's just a brief gun this is here the m3 grease and I don't know why I'm talking about I know the m3 grease gun it was obviously cool debt because it had grease in it dumb ass shot nine millimeter I think close enough you still after you know I'm put I'm totally not playing this just off of my hand right there I know Wow oh I'm through with it I know how this works okay used to shop that in there then what does this do all right cocked it back and then there opens but some reason I think that's to cool it there yeah that's to pull it down and I know I know let's just pop off a few this grease look at m68 well the fire rate on this one is a bit shit still still man look at this cocking action I'm not sure what would happen if I close this oh no I took the magazine out excellent op oh shit okay you care to shoot it with their logo that's the safety I knew that I knew there was a safety I was testing you guys pop off a few from the hip Jesus that's a nice look that's a nice little weapon there let's leave that one there I don't know they're over from the spot of our for these but they are you gonna do write different magazines they help beautiful next we have the MP 34 I'm pretty sore it's just a PPS 8 and this one's going for a million at the moment as a weird cat's down here I'm a store where that is these are just in gas so I'm not really sure you know I'm not familiar with them at the moment this isn't a sad like that um a week oh yeah 25 yard no 20 fab bitch this is really hard to hold her safety I'm a suppose at the illness with my left eye there's a bit of a pain in the air mate look at that cat switching back and forward lawyer beautiful puppy idly hit that coke it's okay though it's bringing the five meters imagine shooting someone with a smoke or that lo look at that grouping there's a massive group and OD chili bullets it'll be bullets over here man I want that sound a moron there barrels that's the best thing to do so barrels get completely done over you know anyway onto this one this is the m1 garand one of my favorite guns from Call of Duty shit which cooler duty was it or duty 3 are they and one garand useless seen my hey the ratio with this poppy right here this is the m1 D grant sorry guys I got that a little bit wrong it's the m1 bigger and it's got the air World War two scope on it just in stock it is that there at the end there this I'm not that's actually you can put potatoes in there and shoot it just friends touch this back one of my favorite guns of all time look at that oh my there are safety on this yeah there is a safety goddammit I actually killed 25 meters not some sort of American snap there you see their ass ass nowhere well to scope or they were there Jesus Christ yeah she got some kick you got a big kick I wasn't it to it than that walk through it out there and you can also known you can use a scope there's a scopes off to the side you can also go back to the ants at I tell you what I gotta love that that brings back memories hopefully brings back memories look at that brings back memories are the first Call of Duty's right there let's pop off a novel one point up when in rome make such a powerful rifle that oh man oh yeah this that one oh look at me the MU gland up that on it on its nose as well it's completely ruined the barrels of all these guns okay this is a mirror can simulate a channel when we need to do where i if i'm not do wield these bitches didn't go in okay to wield an m1 Garands bradley yeah and it looks weird make our sexy over there I don't want you anymore that's when you know you're American America me well let's go to a different range for this is that our wanted you don't want to discharge panzerschreck in sad so I'll be back in a minute safety is number one priority comes up for me thumbs up for a nice booty outside range yeah man I look good oh yeah beautiful you have just gone completely British all of a sudden let's try the m1a1 bazooka looks very old looks extinct it's made out of wood put these just here I'm guessing you shove it in this fight oh no stop it in the back view oh yeah Oh mate I'll shoot it right here these this barrels it sees us you ever seen this in World War two boys I even know if this is from World War two all right it looks it may even be World War one good bad box Jesus Christ over the Box live over the mountain this is one that I've always wanted that was all units I've always wanted to see what the puns are it looks like this because I know just one of my favorite movies of all time saving brands profits they are beasts and there's very scary looking in the back you go oh look at the size of this thing don't you put on your shoulder and just walk around with this so I get a bottle with it completely missed that no matter when in Rome a little bit just looks like on in a tank now this just looks like I'm in a tank now wants a piece of me I accidentally went off Snell they see him well there we go that's the panzerschreck most of these you'll know for a new Call of Duty or battlefield also got the VAR one of my personal favorites just because it's so badass it's so big and long but you look at it it's never go with the VA arm a yeah we got to go into the indoor range for that one armor-piercing bullets now damn it I'm gonna be looking forward to this both of these seem to be fully auto except one's got a higher fire rate than the other so this is the first automatic it's not working needs it a VAR s were hardcore much have been a crap coming up against this so this is fully although now the tracer rounds that's what they are yeah not armor-piercing then they ripped it know what we got don't do this with everyone every time I find the gun or I really like what do I don't you will didn't be a arse yeah boy I wish there the drum mag for these that's excellent so the shells mate or the friend gone mad one of my favorites I think these were the ones that he used to put on top of Jeeps in World War two if I'm not mistaken some assholes probably gonna tell me otherwise so these you have to put in it kind of difficult to get in they go on top I knew that I knew that as I just saw it's been a long day I've had quite a little beer persisting hanging off the story he's gonna have to look down the side of this because they're a stupid angle for us cotton single shot oh yeah those traits rounds on its own alright so yeah that's the fantastic Bren gun accuracy is not too good if you're not strong enough I wouldn't say – boy this be honest and of course this is obviously an old-school weapon or IDF the air combat noise classic basically do this with it all right that's basically what you can do with that we looking at mate sometimes you got to do that you know there another World War two wet from right here this was used by fertilizer snipers back in the day me being one of them I used to I was in World War two like all over that spray on target mate semi-automatic rifle oh boy oh man it's me off that means rounds of this finger it's I'm not really nice button to shoot actually I'm really really excited about this gun this is one of my favorite guns to shoot I think really are shooting through more left or you know nice little nice little grouping you think about that mate they're wonderful anyway that's the world war two memorabilia Oh Evans shop right now I'll store right now calm down the Benny's ranch yeah I'll let you try out these guns before you ban and we'll bar one of them boy hopefully you enjoyed more never could simulate VR I must say I'm feeling a bit drunk after this hopefully you enjoyed if you did like it make sure to LIKE below and leave a comment saying sort of follow me on all these stock sites outside the em yet tip down everyone helps to put you onto a location oh my latest videos and I'll see you in the back

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