so today at school someone told me that I look like a construction worker of some sort maybe they're referring to my my new boots but I don't know about you guys but I feel like this isn't really good flipping a tire so I feel like I need to change that right now ah I got him I think I'm gonna start doing my videos like that just starting off with something completely random like five seconds nothing like really short just because I feel like I feels awkward to say like what's up guys that are nowhere so I feel like I might just do stuff like that from now on start my videos and I'm my room now so I feel like I may as well do a quick little room tour because I've never really shown you guys sleep here my bed really nice I haven't made it in maybe a year trophies from stuff that I don't like doing like die thing until men which aren't that great computer to edit desk area beats stuff whatever and I go outside in a little bit and I actually I'm not sure I'm doing for this video but I feel like I have a few ideas in mind so she doesn't said all right so fast forward maybe an hour or so I was inside like eating food cuz I kind of skipped lunch but that does really matter in my back yard oh my god so I always do that cuz I feel like I'm gonna keep my back here – every single time I film I'm here with two friends that are gonna probably gonna help me film but there's having fun here as you could probably tell by the title I've come up with an idea for today trampoline edit that's can't blame never done this before haven't been on that trampoline for Rio since trampoline vs. ping pong balls which I don't really do anything crazy I did like doubles at most I didn't do triples that will change today though I'm probably gonna go back and forth between the two trampolines but the problem with this one I'll show you the legs they get stuck in the ground and that means I hit I like if I go too high I hit the ground so I can't do like ball outs and Cody's or whatever cuz I go too high and then I hit the ground so Cody's ball outs kabooms all will be done on that trampoline right there the bad one you know cuz the akon is way worse than the Springfree I'm just saying the Springfree is way better alright uh cue edit right now I'm all that any good should be cool oh yeah one more thing before I start I kind of sort of low-key started a series on my channel not really a series but I basically just like put out a trampoline edit once a week but normally I do that when I go to dynamite the open gym every Friday like that's how it like Saturdays usually so that's normally what I do for the series but like every week I try to put a tramp cuz I don't know if I'm going this Friday but i'ma stop talking edit going right now miss cape while you and me repeat this bittersweet hate is suffocating hi waiting and always hesitating kryptonite desires of my heart afire set my heart yeah yeah while you and me repeat this bittersweet he is suffocating and always hesitating kryptonite desires of my heart of fire sniper yeah intoxicating we be Thanks all right how scary that's good almost died I only want to do that alright so obviously I spend most of my time on the bad trampoline the good one are just too good you know I kind of had to make it harder for myself but for real though I kind of really worked on just fixing triples like put them in the combos I did lots of loads you saw really fun not that hard knee triple first time I did that so this is gonna be like series I put a trampoline to edit out maybe once a week I try my best to that's gonna wrap it up for this video if you guys stuck to the end I really appreciate it don't forget to Like share subscribe if you're new and as always thank you guys so much for watching I'll see you guys in the next one peace out


  1. I'm new to this channel but quick question, are you viet because it says Saigon on your tank top. if you are this is so cool cause I'm half viet 😄

  2. Hey Gavin I love your videos and can you make a skit sometime soon? I don't mean to be rude I just think a skit would be cool

  3. Nice vid dude!! Just a recommendation you should do something really dumb…. such as trip back on spring free????

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