Uh huh, yeah… I don't think that's where it should be at! Thanks, Rose I'll get the mirror angle Where's the mirror at? Uh huh huh Right here Oh yo, I can see it! Haha Yo, there's no pillows! Oh yeah, we got rid of them Just uh… Does it still work? Maybe Here comes Tanner Fox, high dive From U.S! From U.S… 3, 2, 1! Here he goes, from the top turn buckle! Oh wait, that's WWE Ha ha I'm gonna do a good morning castaway And then we'll head to uh.. You know where. Should I do a front castway thing? Don't kick, you're gonna get hurt Ah Dang That' s not soft If you guys watched yesterday's vlog, you guys know that Tanner basically taught me how to drive my car in manual And also, we figured out if you put it in sports mode it's way louder and its just way more fun We're about to head to iHop , he's got to experience iHop in my territory (car starting) (car sounds) Now I get to stare out the window and watch this the whole time 'cause I'm scared. Quentin just got his tire stabbed yesterday while he was working out and I had to come pick him up People here are great, let me tell ya I guess to Kansas. (Inaudible voices) (Dishware clanging) There we go The one time I take Tanner here; they take forever. I'm so sorry This happened when we went to Olive Garden Yeah, we went to Olive Garden last night and we sat for like an hour, it sucked. And I've never seen anybody get that It's iced coffee! Ew… What, you live in Kansas? Yeah, I know. Eggs, Thank you. And here is your extra bacon. Thank you! Look at that now there's two people with a big camera, I'm not so alone Alright, guys We've gotta move all of this onto that one Because something special is going down. Oh! Wait, ready? Yeah, yeah Oh! To a kaboom You're getting it down Ready for the kody, it's morning kinda Still hot, sorta No. Tomorrow, tomorrow Yeah, tomorrow And then the next day and the next day "And the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next… And the next day and the next day…" "Aghhhhhhh!" (Trampoline bouncing) Now to your stomach and to a kody Hahaha I'll do this in the crocks Should I do double front flip to a kaboom No! Another pillow.. Yo, Lunas trying to jack our stuff over here.. No Luna.. Stop!… Get outta here Quinton is here to join us in the filming process uh we can't do this alone.. Oh.. Did you catch that while it was spinning? Yeah bro watch. Ahhhh.. I've never done that… Wow! So yeah, I have 3 gigantic, 6 foot water balloons!.. I think? And yeah, I've got green, I've got purple or blue.. Or black.. I don't know what that is.. And I got red And we tried this before on the channel when I was trying to be creative…Haha 6-foot water balloon on a trampoline doing it again! Make sure it does not pop I don't wanna waste 30 dollars… Alright, guys it already popped… The water wasn't even running it just popped from being moved that little bit.. ARE YOU SERIOUS! … And theirs a balloon sitting in the
fricken tree over there cause i chucked it there cause i'm pissed right now And uhh it popped it failed miserably but this time I have three so hopefully one of them works Ill start off easy Well i have hard nintendo alright lets go this is going to require a and this garden hose ha ha you're one of the hoes gosh I wish i was as funny as I used to be ok cool it reaches now ready to get a shower this is the same color of the one that didnt work last time and I'm kinda scared turn it on! i've seen people do this before but not recently so I forgot how they did it the goal is to make a wubble bubble and hopefully not die like that this is going to take a while…. look it's not even that big right now im supposed to get inside of it 😉 i dunno if it's gonna work we might end up with another fail thing we gotta get 6 foot! that what it said on amazon from the $30 dollars I spent IT"SNIPPLE I remember it broke the first time and i was so upset cause i spent $30 im so pissed and I;ll still be pissed yeah this looks like the condom I wore while I had sex with you I feel like I should be letting so air in idk im not a water balloon im just a condom pro *gingerly and lovingly licks the balloon* I can taste the ocean It just tastes like the latex like in the condoms if you guys want to see a trick on this trampoline, i'd go to yesterday's video cause this big thing takes it up i dont want to get these wett ok i got it I look naked ;p tannnerrrr dude this is actually getting biggg im so hypped its gonna be like twice as big as u right? sure hey is it? six feet incehes


  1. G a s p ass apps the tunes you see that. The giant water balloon Inside Man! 6 foot you see the form of the giant water balloon inside the man is inside the giant water balloon?

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