Oh oh my god feel any fish up shark gang in the fam we are back it's the my beautiful girlfriend down at Lake Marie we are in South Carolina and this is actually where I grew up and if you've been watching all the vlogs and you already know that but we actually left California that was in my last video we moved back to the East Coast but we're gonna be traveling all around the world and yeah I'm kinda repeating myself if you watch vlogs you already know it's good now what is that behind me a faff it is a water trampoline and a lot of you guys know I do flips Park or cheerleading gymnastics tumbling yoga acro all that crazy different stuff and this is the perfect thing to do it on we have a lake to land into we have a trampoline to go off of into now there's been a lot of questions and myths about how water trampolines are are they good are they bouncy are they more bouncy can you flip into the water like it's a pit so we're actually gonna kind of bust all this myths today by doing crazy stuff off the trampoline but before we go any farther into this video make sure to give it a thumbs up comment down below any other video ideas that you want to see both of us do also make sure to subscribe to both of our YouTube channels link will be down in the description also follow both of us on Instagram if you know it's good for you water trampoline should I get into it into it yeah like get into the water and then onto the trampoline yeah I'm gonna jump onto it by the way there's a chair floating do you want to sit in a wet chair I can pour it out in the water for you also we're gonna rip these two badass jet skis behind me well we only have one piece we're taking the same jet ski yeah the key works for both but the key s feel into it so imagine if you had one key and you stick it in one car and turn it on then you have to pull it out to stick it in the other contract so only one jet ski is gonna work but we'll go on the fast one together and I'm scared because he just rips it on that yeah we're gonna go superfast but anyways I'm about to go onto this trampoline comment any trick ideas that you want to see me do off the trampoline into the water or on the trampoline so first off whoa all right come with me baby so we're actually gonna walk down the dock we're gonna take you guys to the little sand area right over there so as you can see how deep would you say this is oh I'd say like three feet it's about three feet right there this is a foot so we're actually gonna take you guys right over here onto the little sand spot now our thorns out barefoot ow okay well I wish I had shoes on yes so this is a little beach on the lake wow the water feels great come here step in it you want to take your shoes off okay so I'm actually just gonna take you guys right over here on this little area now look a lot of people this is one of the biggest things I don't like about late I hate the bottom of late do you like it I mean I like it better than the ocean cuz at least you know there's no sharks well there's a shark right here so that is a true fact but it wasn't intentional anyways I'm hop up on there and get some crazy stuff going now one thing I just showed you how shallow it was like literally I'm gonna take you guys ready one all the way we are touching the trampoline and I'm the seat so it's not that deep which means if I do any foot or dives I'm definitely going to land on the bottom and like you saw there's chairs on the bottom and other stuff so I don't know I could lend could always hurt yourself anyways I've been on a water trampoline before and I know what they're like and I don't think you guys are gonna think it's what it is so let me just take over from here you ready all right that's not a step thing Oh God oh all right so we're just gonna start out with some jobs oh that is really a trampoline no I knew is a trampoline I just didn't know how good of a trim Oh from hit your jumps I'm about to change the location so we get a better view of this handsome boy I like literally think I could bounce higher on the actual ground really [Applause] that was so good comment down below fun it's a truth we don't water why do you want me to come up there and record you from there or is it gonna ruin your tricks on here oh you could do that yeah take your shoes off all right how many back handsprings do you think I can fit on here zero comment down below how many back hands French you think I can fit on here here we go oh goodness well the thinking's not about to use that thought come over here baby alright guys I'm gonna have to take off my shoes for my boyfriend let's do this Oh Go Go no I totally did all that work and actually started hitting record by complete accident anyways I think our top came on undone in that will crop that out the video okay now that you're up here oh well good thing you're on water and a trampoline the two funnest things on the earth alright so I'm going to a backflip holding you guys and then I'm a lot of baffled you guys ready oh you mean to the water humor tries a roundoff back handspring tuck this is super easy on the ground but it could be a challenge on this ready oh goodness oh my god guys this is way harder than it looks for all those people that see water trampolines on the lake or you drive by a house has a water trampoline you like all that looks so fun it's just a huge float honestly not that good Oh kaboom what's that try it ready Oh God um guys that was not what you want right this made me cringe I try another one go ahead maybe if I get towards the edge works a little bit harder ready oh goodness yeah no all right what about a Cody what's that I try Cody ready guys is a back foot from comic a Cody is a back foot from your stomach dot to your stomach English please here we go yeah No wow that's literally how much effort I still put into that trick on an actual trampoline on this thing's a huge fail I I'm gonna go around I'll tuck into the lake Oh assuming there's no tree stumps in there hopefully not all right ready ah getting the velocity I expected on this all right I'm gonna try a fortnight cork ready fortnight oh my gosh you are about to die I got completely lost on that that was so sketchy I'm gonna try it again here we go ready Oh watching me and if you've seen all my other videos you already know what I can do whoa great a water trampoline one to ten in the comments down below say water Tramp Blanc what'd you rate it I give this a negative one if anything's lower than a zero this is harder than the ground to do tricks on you would think a trampoline makes your tricks more bouncy not even real not a trampoline on water should I do a front flip oh yeah let's try it that clap echoed all right throw God can you do a Webster huh a Webster a Webster yeah try Webster here we go ready oh yeah it seems terrible okay I thought I have a better chance flipping off the end of this thing into the water here stand up and come with me I have no idea what's in the water come here come take a look Oh God you might get a splinter alright so you can't see the bottom here but I know it's only like three or four feet deep so I'm super scared of turtles and fish and they're literally everywhere in this way they're not gonna hurt you though are you kidding me save you I didn't know turtles and fish hurt you alright I'm gonna send one more fat flip off of this and then let's go rip the jet ski oh I'm excited alright let's go this is about a Sunday Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer Oh oh my god Oh oh my gosh he's swimming to the dark guys how'd you feel any fish oh my god that was very weak I love the lake the lake I got fish from a lake young thug all right guys we're about to go on these jet skis well one of them the fast one I'm scared well she's sliding off the back is that good or bad oh there was a butterfly the jet ski that we're about to take out onto the water you should do some donuts [Applause] oh my god guys have you ever rode on a jetski my first time was a month ago and guys he's still going off I need to give my life vest it had a spider on it guys I'm about to go in the water with Jack and have some fun guys that sunset is super sick so yes went on the lake did water trip birth Lake ski and then now I have my neck is stiff cuz I almost fell off now little whiplash you know riding it around also we had dinner with my family and that vlog is on her YouTube channel and then we came here for a night workout because we are not taking any days off you already know what's good for you so if you thought this video is super awesome because it was this is a you know typical day and our amazing life give this video a thumbs up comment down below if you have any other video ideas that you'd like to see us do also make sure to subscribe to both of our YouTube channels think we'll be down in the description to keep up with more also follow both of us on Instagram and short gang remember to stay love you guys oh I'm lucky and so is that sunset


  1. I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤U

  2. I like the real trampoline better I have one in my backyard and that was not That Bouncy so that's why you can't even bounce high I rate this 1

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