1. He did not put but he took something from the line of goal, he is the good guy, is for the other team they are the ones that tried to cheat…….. Get you facts right before going online and spread false statements

  2. Ok. so a quite underaged person won third place at the olympics. She was UNDER age! She should have received a platinum-gold medal, in my opinion – regardless where she was from, for being that good, being so young!

  3. Messi did not cheat intentionally. He thought that it was a basketball for a moment. Then he realized that the basket was larger than usual.

  4. the start to this video with messi and maradona proves that all Argentine footballers in the box going for a header are cheating sods.

  5. Moussa Camara didnt put anyting by the goal but he took the goal keepers voodoo doll, because every time the keeper had the doll at the post nobody could score. so i would say that is was the keeper who cheated

  6. Paul Milsap only player to start a game with Atlanta Hawks and finish with the Denver Nuggets

  7. 4:00 okay let me just say that baseball ain’t popular in Australia 🇦🇺. We use a thing called T-ball mate

  8. its not really cheating bu theres been a person who's had no experience with soccerball but was on the team for such a long time and no one noticed, because he made such a big deal of himself, so he was never put on and one time when he was put on he purposely went into the benches and has a verbal fight with someone to get kicked out(it's not the world cup something way smaller).

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