37 Replies to “WORST FOOTBALL (Soccer) DIVERS and CHEATERS”

  1. Latin America plays soccer the same way? Is the same sport?
    What is the difference between European soccer and Latin American soccer?

  2. That‘s why we need woman to play football. They‘re still on the field when something happens and they do less fakes than the men.
    Seriously it‘s a disgrace to watch grown men act like that.

  3. Hockey players break a leg and skate off while soccer/football players cry when someone sneezes in their general direction

  4. Hey Ronaldo has been tough a lot of times someone shoved him to the ground and he got up again. Everyone saying Ronaldo but he only did like 2 bad ones Suarez is worse and Ronaldo is known for his strength and physique

  5. To me soccer is kind of a joke. These
    fools get touched and the like fly 30 feet away. Like rlly. Its so dumb on how they flop it is insane.

  6. Reminds me of wrestling in the 70s, very hard to watch soccer nowadays after watching how it used to be played years ago. Maybe the people that enjoy wrestling are attracted to today's soccer.

  7. As much fun as it is to watch a bunch of fairies prance around for two hours, faking booboos, why not watch real sports?

  8. Is this a joke? Wtf is this? I came across a comment about hockey players and how soccer is a real sport and hockey is for pussies. I know that it’s a difficult sport but this shit is pathetic and doesn’t come close to hockey. Hockey players fight for real and these guys throw themselves on the ground when nothing or no one makes any contact. I would be embarrassed to believe this crap. Not the game itself but the cowardly behaviour of these people. Strange!

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