32 Replies to “WORST soccer foul ever. Crazed fan runs in middle of the field and is tripped by player”

  1. +Macis Kayu When a sport is called "football" it is because it is played on foot. Not because you play with your feet.

  2. for being a contact sport, soccer players, play like a bunch of sissies. look at hockey, football, rugby .. those are contact sports

  3. iv played football and basketball for 7 years and soccer for 3…. soccer rewuires more skill endurance practice and commitment and is more physical than basketball and more painful than football

  4. I'm just reading the comments and I'm gonna say. I'm American. I call English football, as its known in America, football. The truth is tho, that All Americans don't just sit in front of the tv and eat all day . Also, English football, or soccer, as we call it, is a more contact sport than that fake football. Could u count how many pads r in a football gearset. That's right Ii couldn't! Could u count how many guards r in a soccer gearset. 2! Ud better think again if u think u know about soccer.

  5. The fact that you have 19 up votes is depressing. Shows how little people know about the rules of the game. Any violent behavior on the field is an automatic yellow or red card and if it occurs when the game is paused it is automatic red. The rules DO NOT state who the victim has to be.

  6. Red card? He bloody saved the guards from running around the field and waste time. + the field crasher didn't even get injured. He just fell!

  7. I dont know why he gets a card, he was helping the security guards catch him, it wasn't even a hard kick. This is why i like seeing reffs getting hurt because they tick me off and then you watch them get hurt and its funny

  8. basketball is a contact sport.. 'm not saying more than football or rugby.. but it's contact.. i fucking hate soccer players and their soccer is the best mentality

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