what is going on guys I'm really tired and it's really early in the morning I've been up since 5:00 a.m. because I just couldn't go back to sleep I really really need a new intro like I say hey what's up guys and I feel like that's like the most boring thing ever so leave a comment down below of what I should change you too cuz I really want to change and in yesterday's video I was really like bland over if we're gonna move or not and I've talked with my mom and I don't know if we're actually gonna move there's probably a good chance that we are going to move even though I do love this house and I have like my dream set up right here and there'd be a huge pain to move it especially throughout the holidays and stuff but we all do want to move I'm not sure when we will move we don't know when my brother's gonna move out if you guys didn't know my brother's 18 my sister's not moving out for a long time I don't even know when I'm moving out I don't know if I want to move out right when I'm 18 or if I want to stay at home all I know is that I want to travel and meet new people yeah I thought I'd let you guys know that we're not gonna be like moving within the next few weeks it's just not gonna happen but I think my sister stayed home sick today from school I know she wasn't feeling good yesterday she's not asleep I'll probably go buy doughnuts for her told you guys we would kind of clean are you feeling better good I'm gonna go get some doughnuts do you what time you're gonna eat the doughnuts good night there's this for when you change your mind everyone likes doughnuts good night another thing I didn't talk about earlier because I didn't know if he'd want me to say anything about it or not Tanner Fox sent me a snapchat at like 4:00 in the morning and for some reason I was up and I checked my phone and it was him in the hospital and he had like blood on his neck like dry blood and he said that he shouldn't be alive and I asked him what had happened but he was asleep I guess so I just didn't say anything about it I just tweeted out like praying for him but then he posted on Instagram that he had actually gotten in a car crash I don't know if it was in his GTR I don't know who he was with you guys probably know all about it by the time this videos up it's just such a crappy situation but that just goes to show like you're not invincible and don't take your life for granted and just that's part of the reason I've slowed down on flips because I don't want to end up getting hurt like some people don't have that fear but I definitely do and I want to be able to have a family someday and I want to be able to walk still but yeah that's just such a horrible situation hopefully he'll get better soon I believe you will but today I'm actually going to be going to a trampoline park with Quinton this one's called get air and it's the one that we used to go to all the time like a few years ago I haven't been a really long time like maybe a year we're probably gonna go there and mess around because I don't have anything else to do last time I went in to get air they told me I couldn't film in there because there was too many kids which makes no sense to me whatsoever but we're gonna try to have some fun today I still want to go out and do stuff because I know my videos recently have all been at home I guess yesterday's video we went to another person's home that might be ours really hope it is also I get my braces off in a week finally gonna have these Fricker's off they said two years and it's been like two years and four months or something like that so not that big of a difference but I still really want them off I've also been instructed that I can tell you guys about the merchandise that we're releasing there's only gonna be two things that we're releasing we're gonna be doing an ugly Christmas sweater thing it's gonna have like Kate Upton and bleach and trampolines on and stuff and it's gonna be really funny on then I'm gonna be back flipping on it so that'll be for like the Christmas theme and then we're also doing like signed posters you guys can buy them and then I'm gonna have to spend a day signing posters then I'll let you guys know whenever they're up because I still am not sure I'm guessing it should be around the beginning of December but I'm not sure so be on the lookout I also still don't have an update on the lights on my car because the guy hasn't called me back yet it's looking like it's not gonna happen before Thanksgiving speaking of Thanksgiving I'm gonna probably be the only youtuber that's not having like a Thanksgiving dinner cuz all my family's going to the other side of their families so I'm pretty sure we're doing nothing can I can I come over to someone's house please yeah hopefully I get the lights on soon I really want them on it's taking a little while but I definitely can't install them by myself I don't know how to do that so I'm gonna let him take his time he's going No dang it kid you start it no we're stuck in traffic in Kansas this never happens I didn't think there was gonna be anybody to get air but now school is gonna be out so maybe there will be some people I was gonna try to get kicked out but if it's only us then they're not gonna kick us out they're gonna let us do whatever we want so I'm off to save that for another video summer wrassle checks Wow greenlight first freaking time we're going to explode me in the 55 guys this place is freaking hacked oh my god we're not getting in yo there's a bottle on the ground over there you want to go reenact the breakaway bottles soda bottle technically is Mitchell husband I don't even know if this place is still in business cuz like nobody goes here because there's like a better one in town now yeah I'm not afraid to say that because I asked him to sponsor me whenever I had like 15k and they said no stupid a you don't actually business mm-hm now I don't want your visit I wonder if they missed me up there's people inside that means they're in business yeah our waivers are expired that means we haven't been here in over a year he's calling his mom because he doesn't know his mom's birthday sometime in February okay what's your birthday I'm filling out a waiver and I need your birthday okay can you just say like month year date goodbye thank you said 22nd I dip to do filling this out is my mom it won't let me write my signature it just Scrolls on the page but it lets me make dots alright there's my signature that just proves that you don't have to actually put a signature so you should be $12 per hour but now they force you to buy these socks now it's expensive uncalled for oh yeah you hear these songs this thing's been open for like three years and these the same songs that play rope is still ghetto as ever I wish it was this empty like two years ago whenever I was interesting on TV know what that work is a noose or not yeah I've tried it okay cool they work you got it not that he's got it oh the muscles the hard works paying off when should I grab it to slow you down okay guys he's not actually hanging himself is that a Claude yes all the foam is deteriorated and I have it in my eyes rolling rolling oh hey Tanner what I'm ready to go home me too partin's about to actually do something amazing hey my inner triggers about to come out I do it that was crazy dude do your ticker again good um follow his Instagram tenner – he underscored run guard my lady I'm just trying to sit here and you quit I'm gonna get over there and two jumps that's cheating no ready I'm about to try a castaway off this tiny wall we're in the ninja obstacle course right now are you Tarzan ready I'm gonna do it line I suck this thing got harder over time believe it or not they like deflated it I know he's about to go on American Ninja Warrior right actually I'm about to go on and nap actually don't know if I can do this come on one of those muscles do you want every show they're up for performance the balls need to quit swinging okay story time guys in sixth grade when me and Tanner were blackops probes people would always call it squeakers and we said our balls drop so low we had to cut them off yeah I can't do this it's hard I guess we can do 1v1 dodgeball shut up I'm gonna get you out dude I'm gonna get you you better watch out oh dude you dodged it I'm gonna go do a triple backflip so people can go depressing music is not the way to do a triple backflip yeah yeah neither is copyrighted music thanks get air I'll do the slowest double cross I can I just felt some water and it's either sweat or it's my phone hit because mine scripts why are we here we have our own foam pit yeah well on this one the Box go in when you touch it the foam here as soon as you touch it I like to sprays into little particles and as you can see the things that get in your eyes smell lungs butthole its tugging on my leg hairs ready about show you guys my best flip best one ever yes okay do it dude get out of there you know I'm coming in come on dude it's the swaggin socks to help get you out true thanks get air dude it says do not jump on red you got it man for your female viewers catch I mean for my female viewers Oh slim these are my old flipping friends they saw my snatch out of the ceiling then they came here laying and lugging right I love your shirt bro dude tricker wow that's the second trick here I miss being good let's remember these trampolines are bad okay his third trick he's about to do three flip yeah you gotten so good that's awesome I'm not a Brent all right tanner left we're gonna see if he notices I moved his camera he's stupid goodbye young gentlemen we'll miss you that was kind of fun but now I'm tired and I want to go home so that's exactly what we're gonna do but the thing is like my parking is good so I can do what I want yeah thank you guys so much for watching this video don't forget to leave a like and share with your friends if you enjoyed subscribe if you're new and I'll see you guys the next one peace out


  1. The new intro should be: wassup tannclan today we are back with another video and today we are(whaterver you will be doing in the video)

  2. Get air is the only trampoline park I've heard of! The socks are so annoying but I love the party rooms and food pizza 🤤🤤🤤

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