43 Replies to “Worst Unsportsmanlike Moments In Sports || HD”

  1. Never understood hockey players….. if you saw your teammate play dirty just cause they got triggered why help them if a fight breaks out???

  2. 3:35 I will never forgive bertuzzi for that hit on Steve Moore. Moores career ended right there and then. On top of that due to a misfiled paperwork it was revealed that bertuzzi only offered him $1,000,000 which is no where enough for the shit he did.

    He was also seen on the bench smiling about it minutes later.

    When he did apologize finally he made it all about himself and how it affected him and not once did he say anything about Moore.

  3. As a browns fan, I was angry that isaiah Crowell did that to the dawg pound.

    But I was later pleased when we came back to fucking slap them, and it was then that I remembered that isaiah was trash on the browns and that hasn’t changed at all.

  4. Honestly i can stand with lawrie on that last one, shouldn't have thrown the helmet, but watch the full clip and you can see the ump blow two calls that he shouldn't have missed.

  5. Titans fans booing refs for ejecting player that stomped on another players head while he was on the ground. Very high IQ fans there in TN.

  6. Needs some better volume management, a couple clips were so quiet I could barely tell they had audio at all compared to the rest. Also, try to keep the intro and outro to the same volume level as the clips.

    While we're at it, some better aspect ratio control would be good. Some of the clips were squashed horizontally to fit into a 4:3 ratio, which made them noticeably distorted. I'm guessing it may have been that way in the original broadcast, as I've seen some channels on basic cable or satellite boxes (the cheap ones that only have composite or S-Video outputs) send their widescreen content to a fullscreen service this same way, rather than the typical cropping or letterboxing. Most good video editing programs will have tools to let you correct for aspect ratio oddities like these.

  7. Bertuzzi's career-ender on Steve Moore still shakes me up. I can't believe Bertuzzi was ever allowed to skate again after that.

  8. The dolphin player wasnt in the play. He was out of bounds to start. Do I think its wrong yes, was it the players fault sorta, but opinion though

  9. Makes me giggle how the yanks need padding to play where as in rugby you get a gum sheild and a ball guard lol

  10. Haynesworth is pure ghetto – no daddy, no manners, no pride. He and Suh sit around a talk about not growing up with a father…

  11. You should have, if I am remembering correct, the slash to the head either by brad Stevens or on him I don’t remember which. He played for the nj devils. I think the person who made the hit even had to defend himself in court.

  12. Romanowski and Haynesworth deserve slow and painful deaths. Those aren't just trashy things, they're evil felons.

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