Wotofo Recurve RDA

Wotofo Recurve RDA

all right I'm gonna try to keep this review super quick because there's already been a million reviews on this product out already what I got today is the recurve RDA I will tofo collaboration with Mike vanes now I gotta tell you I overall I enjoy it there are a few things I don't like about it but let me let me tell you let me stop let me hit pause and let me let me take a drink of my coffee real quick I noticed a lot of smaller reviewers and I'm not just talking this this product I'm talking like a lot of reviewer design products they're glowing and gushing about it okay look just because you gush on a reviewers product that doesn't mean that reviewers gonna like you know part the ocean for you okay be honest be honest with your subscribers even if you only got four of them be honest with them okay okay and don't don't don't go the other way don't bash something just because it has a reviewers name and you think it's gonna help you grow give your honest opinion on the things guys okay like use it and give your opinion okay fair enough let's move on the packaging is like super loud it reminds me of like like I used to be into skateboarding about 20 years ago and it kind of reminds me of like Thrasher Magazine vision Street where super bright black and neon green you know what I mean it includes the RDA of course an extra drip tip and a 10 drip tip a 510 driptip adapter a little pack of cotton a little bag of extra o rings and such a little tool to help you like you hold it next your coil and cut your leg that long and you're good to go it includes moto flows famous for this a little pack of mystery meat coils why don't they ever like take the second to print the material on the bag this doesn't say anything I'm a little baggy and what kind of coils they are they're good what are they put it print it okay it's super important people want to know if it's stainless steel or can't fall or nichrome or whatever now let's just get to the RDA okay first things first when you squonk it okay it's very easy to like get that liquid way up high okay and I'm gonna show this to you okay let me go to manual focus and I'm gonna squawk it squawk and you saw the liquid went way up high and if you got the the cap on it's not gonna leak already edge like that but you see the air flow see that the film of e-liquid okay the the surface tension kind of holds it in there right and it's kind of unavoidable there's not a really deep do swell and it just sort of happens with this thing okay now those screws are looking good the two on the other side are getting a little tude up they're not the best screws okay Oh rings and everything build deck the the media blasted look of it I think it's kind of cool I don't know if it's sandblasted or walnut-shell blasted or you know any other number of materials that you can use to blast and give that finish but whatever I think it looks cool you can see my Cotton's looking pretty much dead this is the second build that I've used in here so I put a lot of time into this and I'm gonna tell you guys I I wanted to review it but I wanted to wait you know I know that whole slew of people are gonna do the reviews because they want you know Mike look at me look at me That's not me and then there's probably a few others that are gonna just trash this thing because it has Mike's name on it that's not me either I wanted to just sort of use it make my observations and then tell you guys about it I really don't care if Mike watches my video or not okay it's like really seriously concerned and I don't want to bash him either okay anyway so the the liquid sort of held captive in there if I pull on this really hard that liquid didn't go anywhere it's still there I'm gonna get a very wet vape okay inhale all that liquid and if I purge the liquids all gonna shoot out from those little holes okay the liquid that's held in there so to overcome that maybe the first pull go a little soft on it okay okay all that that was enough to pull that juice in without pulling it up into my mouth and now I can freakin stuck the hell out of this thing like a mad at it okay but if you're like a habitual purger you cannot restrain yourself from purging them at least one pull you're gonna shoot do so and that's a matter of fact okay now as a dripper me it's not a very good dripper in my opinion okay I think this is a good squawker I think particularly it's a good single coil squawker and the flavor on it I I'm enjoying it okay I've got a million other RTA's I could be using instead of this and I'm using this I do think the flavors decent on it and in fact good I like the way the airflow feels okay this is a good single coil squonk RDA it's not a very good dripper and the other thing about the airflow and about my opinion and yadda-yadda-yadda as I like it wide open I'm like twelve little holes wide open what I feel like when I when I start to close the airflow down it changes the sound but it feels kind of the same and then if it keep going I can go all the way past those those sides of the airflow that are supposed to close off the holes on the top cap and then I can vape with like the air flow hitting the cotton and that's all kinds of wonky so however like this you know a little retention mechanism is on the inside that allows me to take the RDA off with ease or it screw it on with ease or wide open with ease it should stop like and not let me go all the way okay because what happens is I go all the way and now my air flows hitting cotton yeah like a sucky vape okay no no I'm gonna pull on this while turning it okay and I I'm doing this for a reason I went from all the way open on the cotton to all the way open on the appropriate air holes it didn't really get tight okay not a mouth to long RDA okay no way okay there's no way because it never really gets tight enough I find with two airflow holes on each side open it's just not hitting right because I feel like the air holes on the opposing side are starting to open up to the cotton side okay four is okay four arrows on each sides okay but for me my preference all twelve air holes wide open okay and and another thing for me I don't find this to be a good vape for a lot of power okay and most single coil rdas aren't you know if you want to rock 150 watch you want more airflow you want dual coil you want a whole different kind of atomizer for me 57 60 65 watts an awesome vape on this okay anyway there you have it guys my opinion on the recurve RDA Bible tofo collaboration with Mike babes whatever collaboration means if he drew it up machined it out in his basement I don't know I don't know what what the depth of the collaboration is and I don't really care now this was sent over to me for this review by health cabin and they are charging $27.99 I think that is a really fair price okay for what this is I think that's a good price it's acceptable and I wouldn't really turn you away if you know that the cons that I brought up if they're not a big deal to you no reason to shy away from this one guys that's it thanks for watching hit the like button hit the share button don't forget to subscribe

13 Replies to “Wotofo Recurve RDA”

  1. Yea , super important on the type metal the coil is .. what if im highly allergic to nichrome or nickle . what if I only can use Stainless steel . Print that shit on my coils you gave me wotofo ! Like are you dumb wotofo . print that stuff … Try a fitcloud condor RDA Much better dripper

  2. I’ve not had the liquid issue you are talking about. However it leaks with the cap on. I can squonk it with out the cap on and no liquid comes through the holes. As soon as I put the cap on and squonk, liquid everywhere. People are gushing, but I feel it’s ok.

  3. Interesting points there Tim. I have a few single coil rdas of the airier variety i.e. restricted mtl and some are hyped up hard to actually get and honestly over-priced. The Recurve is only one of those. Only drawback I have is setting the 4 hole option as it's hard to see through the tiny airholes as the cap is so thick. I would say too that the flavour is excellent but, as always with build and personal preference dependencies, that is subjective.

  4. Not fair, I gushed, and it was my honest opinion! Are you telling me my opinion is wrong Timmerz? ☹️. Lol just jerkin ya chain a lil. You brought up some good points that I overlooked.

  5. I picked up a recurve from the shop yesterday. I also bought a black luxotic with the stupid soft bottles.

    My voopoo drag hasn't left my hand the entire 8 months since I quit smoking. Until now. How the F#&% can squonking be a thing, a REALLY good thing, and no one can give me a heads up about it? Like just said "hey, dumbass. Spend 60 bucks and you'll never need to masturbate again. Its called squonking."

  6. that rda is meant to be used fully open as it also meant to be used without purging on the first draw .. it's a 100% squonking atty πŸ™‚ i only single coil vape on all my attys i like the mechanics of squonking the coil to the top and how the juice retracts quick so that even if you forgot you squonked.. squonking over dont create a mess that i believe to the runabout vaper is golded. getting that coil wet is what it's all about in squonking not how much liquid the atty holds in other words i like to squonk every time i put my device down for any amount of time to avoid dry hits is why i started squonking πŸ™‚ ..any atty i can squonk on repeatedly and not have leaking is A-OK in my book . nothing is perfect if it was that the original velocity would have a squonk pin and i'd be in heaven 24-7-365 hahahaaaa love the velocity to this day timmeeeeerzzzzzz πŸ™‚

  7. for 2 reasons i prefer not going to signed devices by reviewer, first is the hype and second is that the signature has a price to pay that is added to its real value .

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