WOW! Atmos Backpack Survival Longbow – BEST Bug Out / Hunting / Archery Bow Ever? You Decide…

WOW! Atmos Backpack Survival Longbow – BEST Bug Out / Hunting / Archery Bow Ever? You Decide…

finally a compact modern longbow with the performance of a recurve bow the versatility of a hunting bow that packs in a standard sized backpack meet Atmos it's on Kickstarter and it's coming up next on ultimate survival tips I love archery and have a lot of bows long bows compound bows recurve bows survival bows takedown bows and bows I've improvised from sticks in the woods I've looked but I've never found an all-in-one bow that's good for just about anything I need until now it's the Atmos compact modern longbow designed by Doug Shadwell the founder of survival archery systems Atmos is made in the USA and has seven core superpowers that made me fall in love with it here they are first Atmos is a fool 60 inches strung yet packs down to only 22 inches this means it will fit into a lot more backpacks than any other takedown bow in its class and since it's got straight limbs there's nothing to get caught up in your pack unlike takedown recurve bows second Atmos has a familiar look and feel unlike many survival bows that can be oddly shaped Atmos has the feel of a high end recurve bow due to its balanced grip and deep flex composite limbs so there's nothing new that I had to get used to with this bow third it's accurate and easy to shoot the composite flex limb material combined with the limb two riser ratio gives Atmos a very smooth draw and efficient stroke advanced limb material prevents stacking which allowed me to be able to shoot my Atmos with a 45-pound draw weight for over an hour yesterday with very little fatigue stacking is essentially the increasing resistance some bows have as you fully draw your bow recurve bows attempt to overcome stacking with curved limb tips that flex as bow tension increases but Atmos just about eliminates any stacking without the use of recurve limbs next this bow is lightweight durable and weather resistant at around 2.5 pounds Atmos is light but not too light to become unstable the riser is fashioned from aerospace grade CNC milled aluminum steel hardware and inserts hold the rugged flex limbs in place making it so that you don't have to baby this bow or about the weather outside and because the bow limbs are made from the same material used in great compound bows you can leave this bow strung indefinitely without harming the limbs which is cool next Atmos has style its sleek lines modern look and elegant simplicity our eye catching form follows function so I found that the best design gear that I own is also pleasing to look at now one small but important item to hunters is that for some reason Atmos is very quiet even without a string silencer I don't know why it just is and last but not least Atmos is designed to be setup for center shot and can take any performance enhancing accessory you want including sights a stabilizer or a variety of arrow rests being able to set up one bow in multiple configurations or just about any situation and then being able to drop it in my backpack is a huge deal now basic setup of this bow is easy simply secure each limb with the retention screw and washer now install the string I use the step through method as a bonus I was able to align the string perfectly with the limbs without any special tools or knowledge all you have to do is lightly loosen the limb retention bolts about an eighth of a turn and position each limb so the string is in alignment with the two arrow logo inserts located on each end of the riser now tighten down the limb bolts and that's it you can shoot off the shelf or add an arrow rest all I did was install my favorite stick on air arrest from bare weather and then I added a knock point for loading speed and shooting accuracy my bow came with three rugged takedown arrows that fit with my bow in this camo pattern nylon case that holds my string and extra gear in the flap here I'm shooting the takedown arrows that I got was this bow and some cheap nothing fancy aluminum arrows from Easton flu flu arrows with special tips makes the Atmos a great choice for small game hunting now on the downside Atmos is not cheap but from my seat it's a piece of gear that's worth investing in or saving up for because I can see it just about replacing all of their bows and it gives me one solid accurate archery platform to customize for any need so whose Atmos for Atmos is well-suited for new and experienced archers looking for a great do-everything bow that's accurate and fun to shoot takes any archery accessory fits in a standard 22 inch backpack and is a great choice for survival bug-out emergency kits hunting bow fishing competitive archery and having some fun in the backyard available on Kickstarter at the time of this review we've just taken a look at the Atmos compact modern longbow with upcoming knife for survival gear videos make sure you subscribe to this channel for your convenience I've included links to all the gear that I've mentioned in the video description on YouTube just click the show more tab below for daily survival tips cool hacks knife videos and our weekly Facebook live gear giveaways visit ultimate survival tips on paste and don't forget to grab your free monthly survival emag at ultimate survival tips calm and for more gun videos survival adventures and gear reviews check out the ultimate survival tips show on carbon TV ok this is David I hope to see you on the other side and remember be prepared because you never know

24 Replies to “WOW! Atmos Backpack Survival Longbow – BEST Bug Out / Hunting / Archery Bow Ever? You Decide…”

  1. Cool, fancy useless… Note the string is wobbling all over the place when he's shooting the bow? And accurate from a distance that short is just wow, that must be the new tactical camouflage bow that's just that good 🤪

  2. I tried to take this on to an international flight. TSA confiscated it and when I got to London they deported me back to LA.

  3. 3/4 Pvc recurve has 48 lb draw..hits harder than this bow and weighs 1 lb. Ive made at least 50 take down bows and tested them for 4 years against wood recurves..pvc has the highest coefficiency of weight vs power.
    Takedown arrows bend at the joint and wont last long..1 to 3 shots and its bent like a macoroni elbow.
    Dropping a bow in grass and saying its tough is not a test..hitting a baseball is a test..dropping 100 lb logs on it is a test..running it over with a truck is a test.
    Pvc passes these tests.
    Pvc cost 5 just need to know how to form it.

  4. I hope this dork is off the air for good. It's crazy to think of all the people who think he's ligit. Very sad. I'm glad so many have him figured out and tell it like it is.

  5. Any ILF riser with ILF longbow limbs would be a better option, cheaper and faster.. and no bolts.. This is just glorified junk..

  6. Almost 500.00 for this… For just under 200.00 I could buy a vintage Bear 76er no tools needed takedown , with a mag riser, fiberglass limbs. and comfortable grip, That you can keep strung for ever. Or leave them outside with no problems. That one of the reason Mr.Bear and his crew designed it. I have one thats 45# ive owned for over 10 years. Ive ever unstrung it. And still shoots just fine.

  7. Nice, pricey, the take down bit small compact is a plus. But i didn’t see any variation in poundage, i like high pound bows, wanna be able to take down a target at about 50 yards at least.

  8. I bought my used recurve for 20 bucks on Craigslist and its a good one. I had a Martin jaguar I got for 40 bucks that I gave to a friend. Screw 450

  9. Love the look of the bow and it’s power but I think the price is too high for a just 100 i can get a much more powerful bow

  10. Couple issues:
    1. Allen wrench? How about a complete no too set up.
    2. Where's the finger tab/glove? You have it in your video but you're not including as part of a set. Even kids starter bows have it.
    3. People could copy your set up with less then $200. Talk about price mark up.
    4. Why are your comparing recurve wood bow to your takedown long bow? Compare your long bow to another long bow.

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