nice ladies and gentlemen the President of the Republic of the Philippines president when people know what repenting then he is the chairman emeritus atmospheric effects incorporated arms for students that are incorporated ambassador do not be alarmed wiser and the President of the Republic of the Philippines President Uribe am available for the unveiling of the marker congratulations arms called little defense and arms fair Shooting centered around finding information of everyone with an arrival of the president it was actual to the part of arms for building and levy I'm failing in range of the ceremony but sir [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] any he'll be ok you know I [Applause] Lapine's president rodrigo Roja do tell but by Bible I wanna harm by in the quote some of their not how you once again the president of the pull of mr president Rodrigo Roja to tell them I'm feeling more vegan Allah Allah but up spot to begin with may recall his Excellency de metrio Toit's on ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the United Mexican states and chairman emeritus of arms for global defense incorporated for the welcome remarks please be seated good evening ladies and gentlemen in December 2006 armed scorer shooting center opened its first store in davao at Bajada plaza with then-mayor now our beloved president Rodrigo rato 30 as guest of honor and speaker today we opened the largest and most modern indoor firing range in mindanao privileged to have the president of the Republic of the Philippines as our honored guest our course always been a partner of our country's growth employing thousands and bringing the best of the Philippines to the rest of the world recently we were deeply honored to provide our 1911 pistols to the Armed Forces of the Philippines we will also build more shooting ranges to establish our presence further across the country it has always been our goal to provide our people with safe secure and affordable venues products and services to enjoy the sport hone their marksmanship skills promote gun safety and especially responsible gun ownership I thank each and every one of you for joining us today and supporting Philippine manufactured firearms and ammunition most of all I thank the president for its trust and confidence in me it is an honor and privilege to serve my country as ambassador to the United Mexican States and nine other Central American countries thank you sir thank you your presence makes this truly momentous occasion and may you all enjoy the rest of the evening thank you Thank You ambassador at this point may recall on chief PNP Ronald Villarosa for the introduction of the President ladies and gentlemen the President of the Republic of the Philippines Mayor Rodrigo Roja Duterte thank you for your courtesy kindly sit down I am here to paint speech kolonko because I'd like to talk about something else but before that may I make knowledge means ambassador de metrio to our son we are very proud of you you are serving the country very well police director general Ronald de la Rosa also on extended tour la ma do not be offended but I am ok with the Armed Forces but I have a problem with the PNP and it does not begin today nor yesterday it has been a perennial pain in the ass ever since Salmonella lang naman Manila vamanos it seems to be a breakdown there I don't know what causes them to be the radix but the problem is the perception although it has gained the traction of respect from the Filipino people in DEMA sustaining momentum because every now and then my monopolist 'no telegin my gas you know i read after martial law +70 toga me so we took the bar 72 it was released in 73 right after that I married and so there was this admiration and the income or do Librium bhai cassis nan ago it was forced to seek other moonlighting jobs and I was a professor until now of the police academy here Vito sadawa have been a lecturer of criminal law criminal evidence for the Criminal Procedure and there's a bigger I know the entrails of the system I've been mayor for 23 years under me I had this good rapport and cooperation with the military and Casilla a toll on police we could that made it in da Bao to progress us as much as it is now the road it was many yeah bank 1 Davao Telegraph problemas a bandeau gar and the I think what is not really acceptable to me is some of the law enforcement at Castle energy onion bi anisotropy so I hope that they would realize since anyway if it is not really enough income they might want to go somewhere else and look for another job but it all sad ruga telegram and it will not stop the war against drugs ICC or no ICC it will proceed and it would last until the day the last day of my term because if I [Applause] of milk into a burrito considering the dress that are loving in the country by sea and they are just throwing it the bins the plastic bins with a GPS and the drug culture can always find them in the high seas and bring the men and it really compounds the problem also of the local industry morale is war was precipitated by the service of a war on Santa auto on was accused of drug and Punta nama police they were met with heavy gunfire armor and so they had to retreat and call the armed forces in and that was the first casualty Marines gonna about nine of them were slaughtered don't sub bridge I forgot the name of in the Bell so they were crossing that bridge and they were just being picked up like like chickens don't know completion and well it continued until the night and it was a full-blown rebellion the following day so young problema de cosas Drogo they just do not realize it and just because there are dead persons it does not necessarily mean now if there are so many dead persons we have to stop or campaign these drugs I said we will have to compromise the next generation yeah I'm talking Mazama about the death of Kalmykia Nadine Nadine because I would never know what kind of weaving the societal of fabric after our generation do nothing element id' so we might come back to this strong nation for our children and our grandchildren which are in front of us now Oh mah compromised a young Filipino so it was a banana then tapas in Adana Tinto so I have three more years plus and maybe at the end of my term you would have not really get rid of everything because that's impossible but bring it to the barest minimum with the delicious Casa Verde of people getting crazy yeah no no problema that's why I said I have to go out of my streets then the second is terrorism terrorism Kassadin agenda in P I refused of knowledge that they are a political body seeking al-ahmad reason why rebellion as a very low penalty and all the crimes that you can commit arson murder in furtherance of rebellion general absorb bomb into one and most is about 12 years only because people there are telling the world that we want change because were up with Tom Coburn Oh NATO a Tom Coburn right Abu Saud Doha well except for the private crime seminary pinned in the Casal Ian we are willing to admit that there has been really a lot of Bush example and reform and I am sticking to it my program has acquired so many hectares I am it on America seeing contractually sation why don't we just follow the because of the sheer numbers a sheer number of people needing job but in other countries Unicom America you work for a certain kind and if it does not like the quality that you produce you get out if you get paid separated and that's it not own assignor but because there are a few businesses to absorb the human resource they want some radical changes III don't think that I can really give them all the cinematic mobility capitalist Anna Colin pero I Anila automat don't make it hard for them to run the business the way they like it because of their money so something of a compromise must be array maybe it the terrorists in the southern part most of them we will treat them the same way that we treat everybody as terrorists I do not believe in the ideology anymore because it is not really one which is good to be nobody practices hidden China is very progressive up to the time that they were a communist country wayna now I would like to send it or not surrenders a China and Hong Kong and see for themselves whether Marxism Trotsky maoism or linen still applicable in our modern life where Papa de la casilla dawn noon surrender Kurama Sabiha nila but we will deal with them the way we should treat every criminal for after all they go about extortion and the ISIS kidnapping making it hard for the Filipinos and making them an existence in Mindanao almost a compromise of whether or not you want to stay here or not or transfer to another place so I am NOT ready to make the order but you know if you're only limited to I'm addressing myself to the civilians second column on appetit 22 but if things get worse I will allow the mobilization and maybe purchase of the ROTC and those guys who have had military training and I will allow you to use bear the high caliber forearms I see if it's terrorism and they would did they would do it just like any other place in in the Middle East then that is the time will reserve to fight for our survival and I would not I would never go to a peace negotiation on bended knees I will not maybe they just have to wait for somebody else's to fill the place although I'm not I am NOT ready not the hotel pariah Greiner comunistas McGraw release ulema Papa raid young gusto : Allah is to continue with the peace talks it on among Republicans see so NATO you cannot top since to him he wants a coalition government he knows very well that we are ruled by a constitution under question – so the Constitution says that sovereignty resides in the people since we cannot emphasize all of it at the same time we elect leaders and representatives that is your Congress House of Representative then you elect the president was the commander in chief and the chief executive of the government well he can exercise the powers of the presidency because elected coming and you just cannot join a government and exercise the powers of sovereignty through pollution that cannot be done that will be a violation of the Constitution but sue mama was rational in a and or rational the things can happen our will happen either I'm out stood for a serious violation of the Constitution for allowing others to take part in governance which they are not supposed to or I will be impeached in either case not because I do not want the job or I want the job I just don't like to I hope a telegram under threat I'm sorry so those are the two things that we have to prepare we are regrouping and I'm sure we will have to respond one of these days I hope it would not be too serious really to cope up with all of these things at the same time but we have a strong Armed Forces I have good soldiers and we demonstrated it we have it capable police they went there to die and although I'm sad but the same time I am happy because I was able to show the world that we can quell a rebellion in so short a time so Maranacook inject recharging I said give it to the Armed Forces and to the police Gulabo gently I was just the one who signed the martial law but the actual fighting are done by my soldier go to my soldiers and talk them for what they did thank the police for their sacrifice although I wish to announced now that I want to build a strong armed forces and strong police bagua come on Alicia piano Casino they will have the priority in the for chase of second Damona young above but of course you want to have the infrastructure but what would it would do good to us if we are a weak nation they appear in the lung but if you have a strong police and you see do not mess up with you because I will really back and Gaeta and that's what's happened to the guys at raga this fight or in spite of the plain buek long Shibata two hundred six hundred kilos the human rights and all others keep a blind eye so if you keep a blind eye I will ignore you I will not talk to you and I will not answer your oppositional inanimate isomer away they will know related to drugs one month before kept on announcing the : I did not really snappy : do not force me to declare martial law stop it I was actually talking to the guys because patema happiness and good or negative of passion umbral de tomonaga indeed I mean alam the decode a'lamin now the ordinance was duck that great that big you know nila full-bore Anila the rockets and everything and in balla so but it's allowed but now no more sailed open we will buy all the ammunitions and if really it becomes too a big push from a shovel we will mobilize and we will defeat them we attempt to attack the city and we are prepared and I'm sure you're capable of doing it he bothered looking for the money but I have ordered the police to create another 5 to 7 battalions over shaft and the army to take in about 10,000 more oh there are our neighbors who are good and despite the boycott America of our needs we were we are getting some firearms somewhere I am not at liberty to divulge it but any next few days we have about 5000 more shipment coming from a friendly country we will survive and will be living this pocket doors and we will be a great nation someday shocking panahon with a homonym tiga pigeon among animal attire the role now is really tall but I said at the end of the day the pussy not the nato-led parappa Globus co at least among anak not venomous I don't problema Lana and I think ma Apple and of course eaten an Iranian because of hardships we have to improve the Philippines paramos absorb solanum economy and the world war and you would know that Merriman cost actually only do not slow down because an atom plumber master master carpenters masters are all in the Middle East we are trying to get him back my delegation ago dawn you're not gay longer nothing well not Amram it ain't our but you can you just be copywriter and put their hymnal kabhi kabhi jelly papa top it off so we have to strengthen the tester you not not surrender I don't embark on something also for tomorrow people but NATO we accept them we give them houses condos Maryland General mine my 1000 units congenital Omo was intended for the military paraffin mare Amina amok surrenders being canola Mona's in your book a snail anti of go on go venom must Misamis or Amanda Luciola of McNair's I know Kodama poor cotton you know what early nothing here apply and at the Delano mom communistic savvy go in general Obama and under come the Carolina Putin manual on journalism he force in your life that you are ready to die for is he good perotta chromium Bastion on the molybdenum will applaud Mark Hoppus chaos that goes so sue notes do not say I have of the late the toy Jana and give me a minute in Politico seminar by a mama Sunnah to see before I talk sir crowd suppose after me don't want my imagine one family husband and wife look in PE tapas now even with the first time mozzarella they saw the Sun 17 years old now Sabich oh god Gopala via bucket you know why not now but if you must open a mug in pay bucket – no nap but like I said one simple thing is we don't animal enough anyone wants a low low potty Lula meeting you talk menu yes happy Gautama Sunnah tutorial again in p8 a pussy and a Paralympic Petrini opera the toy or not was and it wasn't it's so we serve Qasim suppose you are no nino nino barlini impede quickly no para it was not actually a parent an insult do not you know he who is the cost of the cost is the cost of the mold yeah and I'm problema so third box from put – a mallet engine and run the road is a bingo see coming up one animal get pay you so you know never mind about the speeds I'm speech good ito its arm score arm score is a part of our light already we never we to think of arm score marillion Patti Bala so lot improve lemma for a minute Ambala and we can always import coca-cola and Pilipinas only if there is a very serious threat or Republic in the meantime you can buy the 22 and the shotgun it's a good defense weapon from by lemona horse cum source the first thing that we'll do is to arm the ROTC and reservist and after that this video book Munna my own as a cocoon in Lyon in PE they will just surround you one evening five of them and award goes and say give me your gun and if you're with your family in a house or madam revolutio Monteleone reblog Revolutionary Government I don't date a lot on the third or maybe a plan Putin in ammo become ice if by 2022 mechanic gala if by 2020 does a federalist structure ready to be implemented and it calls for a president I will step down step down I will give way to a new president dinner I will not perish any and if I exceed my turn even by 24 hours I am ordering the armed forces and the police to ask me to arrest me and remove me from I don't want to president that be deleted and I would very hard very hard job have you I will do 200 pesos a two hundred thousand basil alumni marine you publicly the lower Misawa focus you boil the 100 akuto Sebago you want you one thing a figure I like yeah give me 1,500,000 neon unsealed OVA makhana paag uma trabajo para company a toy sirs I will hurry up the year sana bukas 'no well of our ambition except to serve my country make it a good place for all of us comfortable and when my time comes I will go no problem no ambition to stay in a bit longer lavatory Thank You mr. president may we request a precedent for a photo opportunity and five batches please come on stage is called for batch one arm score family stop eating more be gone or alarm for up spot I do not believe beam us are you by how come a tire – I practice it I you know Kailen we go it – ha valina ha ha please be ready badge to AFP and PNP officers monoply man thank you babe yoga batch to AFV Andy Andy officers my baby I did it beam us back Bo power for my aisle our Asami's be ready batch three arms for dealers Paris ah coming up bye bye why am I here I am here because I love my country and I love the people ha oh thank you get ready batch for arms for shooters orange stickers I wanna buy some of they're not my belief never heartborne we call our mother Thank You batch boy charm score shooters I don't know little penis Oh Howard come entire – I break that's it oh I in the heart didn't we go dancing – ha Delana please get ready batch 5 those wearing neon orange stickers I mean I love my mama creamy we throw the art well now another one but none but bees are I love Philippine us back power per mile – I witness it ha ha perfect bash those wearing neon orange stickers why am I here I am here because I love my country and I love the people ha ha my Bible Thank You mr. president ladies and gentlemen that ends our program karma last batch but Baba those wearing neon orange stickers I wanna buy a new suburban ah but believe me never heart born become a mother our feeling more vegan Oh wah wah lah for a boy I don't know philippine us by how come a tire – I practice it oh I in the heart didn't we go to Kathy – ha do they not hot but powerful Thank You mr. president [Applause] I love my mother creamy ladies and gentlemen our back ends are her wrong number one lucky guy Ayana Philippine us back power comment I'll honest eye witnesses ha ha ha coming up bye-bye why am I here I am here because I love my country and I love the people ha


  1. Mabuhay po kayo PRRD! Kung pwede lang sana pagbabarilin nyo mga corrupt official d2 sa Manila pinauupahan mga bangketa d2 tabora dvsoria Manila walang madaanang sidewalk occupied by d illegal sidewalk vendors at tinakpan pa mga legal na tindahan ni ana siga renales

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