Wrong Handed Timo Boll vs TableTennisDaily's Dan!

Wrong Handed Timo Boll vs TableTennisDaily's Dan!

[Applause] okay let's go dignity yes sir come on you still get loads of spin you want it back oh sorry okay to talk go on fishing is not my strength right yes huh that is incredible three oh come on nice rifle thank you what's this this was pushing six three oh an eye sorry sorry sorry sorry look unlucky come on I told you just one topspin and then it's over the first husband is incredible come on nine three okay [Applause] amazing there's no plan in the world he swaps hands like t-mobile [Applause] incredibly thanks so much for your time again today thank you

29 Replies to “Wrong Handed Timo Boll vs TableTennisDaily's Dan!”

  1. Let us know what you think of Timo Boll's right hand… think you would beat him? Let us know other challenges you would like to see in the future 🔥

  2. Nicely done both for taking the challenge seriously. Those right hand mini tomahawk serves seem to have been polished. What a maniac this Timo is.

  3. I started playing with my left hand because of him. I'm not really good, but the learning process was interesting.

  4. Tahl Leibovitz paralympic gold medalist from USA i think could actually beat you with his opposite hand. He would absolutely beat timo wrong hand to wrong hand. He plays leagues in New York sometimes only with his opposite hand and beats good players. Saw him easily beat a 2250 player 3-0 who then stormed out and never showed up to the club again lol.

  5. I don't understand how Timo can get so much arc on his forehand loop, even with his right hand. He just does this short, little bent-arm swing.

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