Wrong Way First Horse Ride – Bucks Off Rider – Dangerous Horse Steals Calf

Wrong Way First Horse Ride – Bucks Off Rider – Dangerous Horse Steals Calf

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  1. A friend of mine had horses on his property and they would roam free with the cows (the horses had not ever been started or taught and we're from different places) but they would move the cows into groups and I loved going over and just sitting and watching the behavior of the horses and the cows , they would herd them up with no instructions just instinct. God I love horses!

  2. One hand on the horn, another keeping pressure on the reins. And you don’t start to kick until he is slowing down his bucks and giving to the pressure. Then you can begin to tap him and give him the forward command. And if he goes, release the pressure and let him stop on his own. It’s that easy. Keeping pressure on a horse then removing it once they do correctly is the only way.

  3. Really enjoyed the second clip, equine protecting and assisting his human, I have had my horse do the same thing with coyotes and aggressive dogs

  4. Rick, I have watched for a long time looking for instruction on the first rides. I rescued a horse that was starved to death, found on the roadside in my town. All my previous 20+ years of riding had not prepared me for training a horse properly. I have learned the pressure and release methods and have built a GREAT relationship with my girl and have sat on her back to flex her neck, quick on and off. Now, I want to know what comes next. Steering and safely getting her into walk, trot and canter. Can you refer me to either videos in which you correct someone doing this wrong and make suggestions as to what they should have done- or videos or material where you detail the steps at the point I am. She yields to pressure and accepts saddle and bridle and me sitting- what now? Thanks.

  5. Once we can get most people to understand the idea that our "pets" see things like a photograph we'll be so much more advanced. What I mean, is that whatever happens to your pet at once, is conflated in their mind. You bend over to pet them at the exact moment they get stung by a bee? Guess what? That animal is going to worry whenever you bend over them. It takes a long time to wash this out of their mind. It takes a lot less time if you know this, and spend a little time counter-programming. I really love these old Ricklogic videos 🙂

  6. What a good horse, that horse really tried. I agree he should have got off a few seconds after he was on and the horse didn’t move or fight. Imo you don’t need spurs ever. I’ve never had to use them. That being said, that is too much pressure! The pressure has to match what the horse can handle and no more. Otherwise you get explosions like this one. Great video for what not to do.

  7. Too many people are set on the goal of getting on the horse rather than taking slow steps so the horse actually learns

  8. I think your right that second horse looks like a mule or donkey. The ears are big and the mane is trimmed like a donkey or mule's mane. From what I have seen mules and donkeys tend to be more self preserving and at times aggressive than horses.

  9. I'll hate on the guy for the first mistake….not getting off after getting a successful mount up….DONE for the day….

  10. I found this traumatic to watch, I wish the horse had killed the guy. What an idiot wearing spurs and that horse was being so good, the guy should of taken things a lot slower and not put the poor thing throu this. Its so upsetting. I cant watch more of this.

  11. I think I just had a light bulb come on. The horse doesn't learn from pressure, it learns from the release. Thanks Rick for helping me learn so much about horses and the real horseman.

  12. Rider was so ignorant of horse influence. What a shame! it takes patience. Rider was not listening

  13. How is it I feel people want this reaction from a horse. That horse would have been easy to back…. Not after this man fucked up

  14. I can’t believe those two assholes. That horse was way too small for either of them. I swear I wish I could have a horse. I’d kill to ride again then I see assholes like these guys picking on this lil guy. Ugh it makes me so made douchebags like these guys get to enjoy the amazing gift of horses and I can’t. I would appreciate it and they don’t. 😡🇺🇸💋🐴💋

  15. This is stupid keep your opinion to yourself. i have horses, i know what it is like to have a horse that bucks. the guy spurs the horse to tell him that he shouldnt buck!Thats all. i doubt you even have horses! It is like disciplining a child. If you dont discipline them everyonce in a while your kids are going to grow up to be dirty, disrespectful snots that nobody likes!
    Tree huggers like you shouldnt even begin to worry about how a cowboy rides his horse. Now i know what the parents are likke of all the snotty rude people in the world! Videos like this p*** me off. Your welcome for that summary

  16. Honestly, it would have been a good lesson for the horse.
    A. If there had been no spurs.
    B. if the guy had worked him up to being fully mounted, you don't just hop on and ask them to go.

  17. When I was young I wanted a horse, but never got my wish. A friend of mine let me ride her horse a few times, and I really loved it. When I was 22 I got to ride a green broke horse; I was the eleventh ride. I had no problems with it except going down a steep embankment; it began to buck, but settled right down when I talked to him. I rode him all that day, and brought him back tired, and satisfied. That was the last time I rode; lack of opportunity, not lack of love. I enjoy your vids. Thank you.

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