WWE Moving From Sky Sports to BT SPORT In UK And Ireland

WWE Moving From Sky Sports to BT SPORT In UK And Ireland

Marcus from London England I'm sure you've heard the news that WWE has left Sky Sports to sign a new television deal with BT sport which is in fewer homes than sky but BT sport is also the home to UFC programme do you see this as an upgrade or a downgrade for WWE because I see this as a major downgrade well from everything I can gather and all of you UK folks out there can chime in on this because you would know better than I would I'm sure we have a lot of Sky subscribers and maybe even some BT sport subscribers listening to this right now but it sounds like a big step backwards for WWE they're moving Raw and SmackDown from Sky Sports to BT sport in the UK and in Ireland starting in January and all of the paper views will move to BT sport box office I would be curious to know how big of a deal that even is because I would imagine that there's a lot of people who have the the WWE Network over there but maybe it's different yeah maybe maybe there are still a lot of people watching on the the pay-per-view channels over there I don't know we have minimum a minimal number of people watching on pay-per-view here in this country but that is what is migrating over to BT sport they've been with Sky now for decades I mean that goes back probably to the late 80s early 90s their relationship with Sky I mean I remember that Royal Albert Hall show which was back in 1 1991 I'm pretty sure that aired on Sky or one of the Sky channels so it at least goes back that far now according to the observer Sky is in just over 8 million homes today whereas BT sport is only in about 2 million but the fact is you know you can look at those numbers and say wow what a big difference but the fact is that WWE was already hemorrhaging viewers in the UK on Sky you know so when I got this question I was looking into it and there was an article in fighting spirit magazine a couple of years ago somebody linked me to it that had the numbers to it and it was really alarming to see there was a time when WWE would regularly topped a hundred thousand viewers or more for it live weekly raw shows in the UK but two years ago there was one episode I think it was in this month it was in the month of June so it would have been two years ago this month there was one episode of Raw that only did about 18,000 live viewers and that included people who recorded the show to watch later on 18,000 now typically I think these days the show hovers between about 20 and 40 maybe 50 I think it's between 20 and 40 thousand viewers for the live airings on any given week keep in mind this is a three-hour show on Monday nights that airs live over there which means it's 1 o'clock in the morning when wrong so for all the complaining that we do up here we go 3 hours of Raw you know I live on the East Coast so for me it's 8 p.m. and 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. is enough of a slog but these folks in the UK I mean they're watching Raw 1 o'clock in the morning so you you can't expect the live numbers to be that high but they used to be you know hay raw aired pretty laid-back then – and the numbers used to be a lot higher than they are now they were back then now they're not and there is no evidence that all of those missing viewers have simply changed the way they watched the show and they're just watching it on a delay or on YouTube I mean some people are but you know I would say this to people stop making excuses for WWE they have lost a ton of viewers just as they have here in this country and all of these people try to make excuses for them you are part of the problem you are part of the problem all of the people trying to make excuses for why WWE they can't give tickets away to people for stomping grounds tonight just stop stop making excuses the product is bad you lose viewers because you have insulted your audience and now they're moving to a network over there or you know a network of stations with even less exposure than they had on sky BT sport they're also going to air a to our version of raw a one-hour version of raw and a one-hour version of Smackdown across all of their their various channels lucky bastards a one-hour version of raw I sign me up can I get BT sport over here in this country I think you're gonna have more people here's what I think you're gonna have more people who just don't watch and they're gonna start listening to podcast like this one to get caught up on Raw and Smackdown if they have to pay extra just to watch those shows you'll have to pay extra for the BT sport package above and beyond whatever you would already be paying for Sky unless people just dump sky and mass to sign up for BT sport but I sense that people wouldn't necessarily be so quick to do that there may be other programming on Sky they don't want to get rid of it's not just WWE so I think this company may be in for a rude awakening when it comes to their UK audience they may end up losing even more fans over this they may be making more money it may be a more lucrative contract I don't know that seems to be the only thing that matters anyway hey we'll sacrifice a large chunk of our audience just to make more money now sure hey let's do it but again I I welcome any feedback from my UK listeners I mean what do you think about this deal and and will you if you don't already have BT sport will you pay for it just to watch WWE programming I'd love to hear from you guys

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  1. I am from London England and in 1997 wwf being on sky was a big factor in my family subscribing to sky. I will not be paying for BT sports for wrestling

  2. Do you recall when a reporter asked HHH if he was troubled by the constant booing of talents such as Roman Reigns. He said no, that the booing is a good thing and what would concern him is if fans stopped cheering or booing and just sat on their hands and just went totally silent. Well, guess what if you have seen Raw, Smackdown, and the last couple of PPV's that time seems to have arrived.

  3. Back in the attitude era raw was on 10pm on a Friday night and it was basically the highlight of every 14 year olds week. The viewers that will be effected by this the most will be the Saturday morning re runs for kids. Also know one is getting rid of sky sports as it's biggest appeal is the premier ship

  4. I’m in the uk and honestly most sports fans over in the uk have bt sports over sky sports as bt has most the football and ufc so might be less people but more inclined to watch something sports oriented stuff like wwe. But let’s be honest the product sucks rn

  5. Wwe from royal rumble 2000-vengeance 2001 had ppvs on channel 4 which was proper nationwide free tv that’s where most of my friends started watching

  6. solomonster sky is in 8 million homes not that many has sky sports…..you have to buy sky sports package which is £40 a month which is around $50….

  7. If it was WWE from 1998-05 I would consider staying up until 1am to watch but now HELL NO I just catch up on YouTube, Wild Card Rule has killed whatever weakly excitement I had for Smackdown Live.

  8. I don't know anyone who works or goes to school who watches weekly WWE TV, hell, even ppvs. It's not practical to stay up til 4am or 6 am for us, I'd rather watch the YouTube highlights 😂

  9. B.T are a government agency that unjustly harass people for money for their shitty programming, when most people don't even watch their programming. T.V licenses are a tax, that only further funds a corrupt and greedy government.

    Audience wise, time slot wise, and ethically its a huge step down. Wouldn't be the first time wwe got into bed with a corrupt government.

  10. Also WWE screwed over sky in there last TV deal. Right after it was signed WWE announced the network basically killing there PPV which sky had just paid for that was the reason it took the UK so long to get the network as sky we’re fighting to stop it from happening as they knew no one would buy the pay per views. Due to this and the terrible ratings for Raw and SmackDown sky weren’t interested.

  11. Personally…. No i wouldnt especially when youtube shows you every detail i need to know.. And i would only pay for big fights on bt sports box office

  12. used to have sky about 10 years ago , Watching raw on sky live is not fun! There is like an advert every 9 mins from what I remember! I used to watch some crap film on syfy or horror during the breaks still could keep up with both! Sometimes the film was better!

  13. On a side note, solo monster I hate to break to you but I feel that Drew McIntyre is glorified enhancement talent and he is typically the cronie to whoever WWE is actually is pushing. Whether it’s Shane, Braun when he turned heel last fall, or Corbin in the stable with lashley. And he has not won a major singles match on the Main roster.

  14. I remember WWE's first tour of the UK being in October of 1989 and that was to coincide with WWF's deal with Sky. So this deal of 30 years is coming to an end.

  15. Stopped watching it properly more or less when CM Punk left. I last really enjoyed it in 2012/13 I think. After that it got boring. Used to love waiting for it, but now I leave it. Lacks the creativity, along with personalities.

  16. Going from SS to BT is more of a sideways step. Wrestling isn’t drawing more than 50,000 viewers anyway when it’s on at 1 in the morning.

  17. Also, its no coincidence that the UK WWE audience has absolutely disappeared and yet the UK wrestling scene has grown massively. Everybody here has moved on from WWE. I genuinely see more people wearing AEW/Indie shirts than I do WWE. This is what happens when you neglect your audience. Remember when Triple H was asked if WWE will do a PPV/Wrestlemania in the UK any time soon? And he pretty much laughed it off? Whereas over the last few years at RevPro shows Ive seen AJ Styles, The Young Bucks, Jay Lethal, Cody Rhodes, various NJPW talent, Matt Riddle, Marty Scurll, Moustache Mountain, Ricochet … I could go on for a while. December 2017 I saw Cody Vs Jay Lethal for the ROH title in London. What does the WWE give us? An NXT house show if we go to Download Festival.

  18. Im English and this is a major downgrade.
    In the UK we have a few channels that every network has (BBC, ITV Channel 4 etc). But in most homes you need a TV service provider in order to have any channels. These days that provider will give you not only your tv channels but your phone line and internet too. The biggest are Sky, BT and Virgin. Sky has been the biggest since maybe the 80s? Going way back to ordering Mike Tyson matches on Sky Box Office. As a kid growing up in the 90s I had Sky like most people and in the UK we would watch Raw on Friday nights on Sky Sports 1, 10pm. Saturday mornings you could watch Smackdown at around 10am on Sky One.
    Over the last few years BT has tried to rival Sky by buying the rights to a lot of soccer matches, but Sky is still by far the bigger network. So by making a deal with BT, WWE are leaving behind possibly the biggest service provider in the UK. If you dont have BT, you have to pay to have BT Sports as a separate package. NO ONE HAS THIS. We all just stream it online. Whereas a lot of people do have the Sky Sports package, and if you dont, you can usually watch WWE reruns on Sky 1. Make no mistake about it, moving from Sky to BT is a major step down and their audience will be waaaaaaay smaller.

    As for BT Box Office … I didnt even know that existed until now.

  19. Dumb move by WWE nearly everyone has sky here and Associates WWE with Sky being with eachother for 30 years, BT sport is growing because of the football mostly but doubt people will pay for the channel and stay up to watch the garbage WWE feeds us every week it's Commercials every 5 minutes is annoying scripted segments is cringe waterdown wrestling is boring and illogical storylines is tedious no one here is gonna bother pay for it.

  20. Should also be noted that AEW will be on ITV 4 (a free to air channel) from October so their potential audience is 27 million.
    Incredible that a start up promotion gets a better UK deal than WWE.
    AEW could get a bigger audience than WWE.

  21. BT Sport is a HUGE downgrade. Sky Sports has had WWE since I was a kid, and it’s odd thinking about WWE being on BT Sport. Very few people will subscribe to BT Sport for WWE and AEW are on ITV which everyone gets.

  22. I’m from the UK and I just catch up the next morning on YouTube but i have raw recorded in case there’s something good on there so I can watch it in full but that doesn’t happen to often anymore, I have both BT and sky so I’m not going to be affected to much but I don’t know to many people who have BT so I can only see this as a negative move

  23. The British people are too intelligent to watch pro wrestling. The 20-40k are the dregs of society who needs to be locked up in Victorian alm houses 😂

  24. I’ve had sky for 11 years and watched wwe once. Staying up to 1am to watch a 30 minute opening promo and a million advert breaks isn’t worth it

  25. The main thing with sky sports is they lost a lot of the broadcasting rights for the premier league (top football divison here in england) when bt sport got a large proportion of the matches meaning sky sports wasnt crucial and wwe is not solely worth the 20ish pounds a month for that subscription, while bt sport also has mma so this could be a good move for wwe in the long run if bt sport continues to grow.

  26. i live in the UK and bt sports will cost me a extra £16 a month just to watch wwe so no i will not be paying that as well as £9.99 for the network. i like wwe but not £26.99 a month

  27. Long term it's a terrible descision. most people that have sky aren't paying for BTsport, Sky has the most Premier League matches and no one will give that up for WWE.

  28. Each to their own but I cannot envisage that many people signing up for BT Sport so that they can watch WWE.

  29. Does anybody still remember HHH and Steph INSULTING their own fans on raw… saying they'll do angry tweets about the show, tell thier buddies they'll never watch again but will ALWAYS run back to watch the show like trained dogs???
    Oh, how I WISH they'd try that shit again…

  30. We already get a 1 hour weekly version of Raw on Sky One and that channel is part of the normal Sky package and not part of an extra sports package so BT Sport doing it is not a new thing, they are just taking away everybody's ability to watch Raw without paying an extra £30 a month

  31. wwe been on sky for at least 25 years but its on far to late here and sky is far to costly now, i wont be watching on bt sport either as it will be same sadly id rather watch highlights of all wwe shows on youtube i can get a weeks worth or wwe wrestling at about a hour and half on youtube instead of the 6 -7 plus on wwe

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