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  1. I live in Eastern Europe and I love the American West society. I went to Central Texas many years ago and purchased a Stetson hat to wear, and people were looking at me like I was an idiot. I'm thinking if I can't wear a cowboy hat in Texas without people laughing at me, where can I? I am moving to Wyoming for my job maybe next year, I drive big trucks, I hope it won't be the same situation.

  2. I would love to go there but what concerns me I don't see anyone wearing riding helmets is it just Americans that don't wear them or what?
    In Australia if you don't wear a helmet you don't ride…

  3. This video is amazing!!! Not only the setting, horses and people, but the videography and editing are stupendous! WELL DONE!!!! The fading in and out of nature sounds, animal sounds and human interactions over and within the musical score is impressive! Talent….sheer talent!

  4. I didn’t care much about the outdoors not too long ago. But then I got red dead redemption 2 and the scenery was so beautiful that it because hard for me to imagine that the world looked that, seeing that I’m San Diego, all I know is concrete building and not so much wilderness. But that game opened my eyes as to how beautiful the world is. I really hope to travel over the summer to more remote areas, it made realize how sick I am of the city

  5. I enjoyed that video. One of these days I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and pay for a fully catered horse pack trip, where I can just ride, fish, and enjoy. Horse packing is a lot of work and my old bones are starting to feel it.

  6. So beautiful. Oh my God I want to live in Wyoming! I recognize all those TN walking horses! I have one myself.

  7. Awesome. However it would have been even more awesome if you had dressed in the 1860 – 1890 era clothes and equipment.

  8. My Wife and i spent several days on a ranch in CO.. Went riding every day in the mountains. Took care of the horses needs everyday that was assigned to each of us. Such a fun time. Would love to do that again for an extended time.

  9. Most un-manly music ever to go along with this video. Dislike for sure. Needs to be some Ennio Morricone or something.

  10. This is the kind of vacation I want. I don't care about the beaches and such. I want to live like we did in the past. Outside. Horses, wild life and all. Get in touch with our past.

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