xQc Reacts to Greatest Sports Moments with Chat!

xQc Reacts to Greatest Sports Moments with Chat!

again [Applause] I have been to the edge of the earth one step further and instantly backwards by elderman welcoming me with his fiery eyes these suits in my mom saw me [Applause] yeah yeah my sport excuses [Applause] rimas 777 the stellar couple meganula kxq see i am quite concerned you fucking sit down every day drinking köppen do you think your heart is people here to protect oh my god 70s little how's that fair did the he's weighing everybody and he's trolling the game he's letting swing his arms he said there's a certain balance in his stats of a iron [Applause] Jesus Christ [Applause] yeah just flip over in Osaka we had rung a better script jebaited by this burden of your life you run your my bets courage and I've heard of no luck passes but never before and no luck catch Oh what cats but it was in 1965 it's like somebody drew a thin but that would like me I have somebody watch the minute set more woman left all right what the fuck [Applause] holy shit way what that's why the dress does it feel like a bulletin [Applause] you a saint yeah [Applause] oh he said it was that uh oh yes it looks like David Guetta what's maggiorin then that's gonna give the dough didn't it was that Kobe Bryant and then LeBron James [Applause] [Applause] it's against the Raptors end up winning is a fuckin [Applause] a child I loved it it was shipping okay next up origami Joe jiggles link dem escaped I was there are opposing games guys why is he so defensive Lily this is fucking chatted it did your viewers aren't chatting it look at the study that's fucking chatted people are so defensive of real sports I cannot believe it [Applause] okay yes I'll get two minutes and I'm done better look at him it's a government to come on this cup of ice three more minutes and they were done forever why did he done the field then [Applause] shit [Applause] the Vikings what the for the Vikings why are you even a lot dated okay dude if I'd only be day we watch that [Applause] you playing baseball dude is it so stupid watch man was a renowned sports fan holy shit all these that's embarrassing you what the fuckin that little what the smart how [Applause] Jesus hug you dan did miss frizzy Jesus [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] like I didn't even see the guys boy years is it okay I can barely see anything nine things are easy at the buzzer then Emily gonna say kid if you score at the fucking buzzer dude right mostly a fine hero that's dude that's just that's just the yellow ones being retarded is enough missing it's missing a snappy to be kidding what year is this again though this chat we've sent out the shit cocaine [Applause] bug why'd people happy you notice that every kill of hockey didn't we never know where the fuck the puck is we never know where the fuck the puck is even at the fancy [Applause] for a trip to the national championship girls love you more fuck you [Applause] react to the sort of Australia called AFL talk of the Gillings they are one is that hello hello play to win the game playoffs don't talk about playoffs you kidding me come after me I'm a man I'm 40 is that soccer right [Applause] what did they ever get lucky that's not do you first but it's not these intense occasional doesn't particularly offensive sauce smells loudest who here cares about me [Applause] Roger I don't know Jennifer suppose not much dude that was crazy though holy shit [Applause] over watch some again always shared it yes crazy damn [Applause] Oh [Applause] the digested realize is that we am satvinder he [Applause] before plates the detente finder while mate I fucking played rugby for fucking seven years bro you dare insult my sport and he'll come and fuck and belty around the back of Tesco all right relax sorry dude [Applause] fuck go [Applause] did what the fuckin the delays that are in boosted all available [Applause] 20 president incoming pounds also check your host number one over the freestyles Oh what the fuck did you find with fans you relax did L underscore oh that's hard to do so you know maybe [Applause] I mean did you guys you guys warm at me as they because let's get the video okay oh boy mother today [Applause] yo Joe everybody hold up okay ten seconds did the ways of the game did I don't rule it is ah fuck that if I may find it it's a real place and nobody did it please do please stop me in sports you guys I've had enough of this shit chat we ever watch too much sport shit readiness for feelings QC you make my days happier smile excuse Al well finish it relax officially relax he be safe ah dude did your buddy [Applause] this is that by 2k no reason on this video [Applause] jeez [Applause] mmm chuja who was gay cooking [Applause] the MLS is that any less [Applause] where this or this this Chad rugby guys again volume good luck with overwatch that'll be get yesterday was the fall bit too – I brought it today – bug what is that please don't scan me again Christmas that was just kidding have a nice day PVC [Applause] there's ways that the sum of all here is a video that ain't sports and I found quiet funny smile haha where is lucky that is it it is push them David [Applause] okay dude okay dude holy shit these retard fans do what is that how do I love to do that for three women smoking [Applause] and he was not in a star this only three heads dude holy shit watch this datsheffy yeah wasn't already did oh you're busy fuck man Zi very question mark GI [Applause] Patera like a little ball and if I didn't that to give like shelter now can't wait to say you want to stay picking balls throwing balls can't believe they made a documentary on trains viewers the water who welcome is advance of a sultan Isis of three months ago hundreds [Applause] for you [Applause] that's crazy did you guys am i tall enough to digest I'm 60 Jesus soon these guys are really good guys can handle hey guys look at the time suit up see that pretty look see to do it's two two guys it's tight it's tight so nobody's running faith years [Applause] yeah welcome to World Cup and role couple a seated I don't you watched it on stage it but um your say got knocked out first round you know right they USA came to the water walk up on stage and then they played for about 40 minutes and then back home right there's the bastard later thanks [Applause] yo what was that did the Scorpion one of the funniest videos I've ever seen Chatswood love this always you're gonna do with that Michael Jackson I'm Jordan that's my in my mouth Beco boobies in my mouth big old boobies in my mouth i couldn t anything did at this fucking dunno retard shit number two you should spend some time in fuck and number three is you should have your emotions moved to tears okay well then if you laugh you think and you cry that's a full day I did crying it is Jesus Christ love my credits because so many ninja lose my fuckin betray humanity in fucking national mess 25 I'm sorry guys here's another familiar with the terms okay I was playing well the Warcraft again I kill the boss I roll for an item and I VI won it and the guy who gave those literally did somebody else or on the Pokemon guard is so deluded okay that cried yeah I was like that was like

39 Replies to “xQc Reacts to Greatest Sports Moments with Chat!”

  1. I’m a sporting kc fan and this video gave me a shitty reminder of the pk shootout where the shot hit both posts and didn’t go in. I am still mad about it and that was in 2015 lol

  2. Honestly crazy to me that some people don’t watch sports. Like I get that it’s not for everyone, but it baffles me. I couldn’t live without them.

  3. As a dutchman, i fucking despised the part with Dennis Bergkamp at 21:00, when chat spammed David Beckham fml

  4. No context made most of these clips kind of pointless tbh. That Zlatan 500th goal was pretty insane though. Imagine doing that at a full sprint 11:30

  5. Incels in XQC chat typing "Women LUL" or "W OMEGALUL MEN" when they see a woman play sports, yet they spend 24/7 on a KEYBOARD doing nothing but Weirdchamp, and haHAA'ing everything they see. But go "LULW" when XQC starts laughing. They are incapable of thinking for themselves.

  6. American Football: Men dressed up in stupid leather armour looking like a jebroni Pog.
    Rugby: Strong Alpha males with no pussy armour Dansgame. Really? Fuck off m8 3Head

  7. You can tell it's an American video when they think more of the greatest moments of all sports history are from baby rugby rather than football

  8. I don't fucking understand how some kids in chat even have the audacity to hate on sports. Sports are literally the GREATEST thing in the world.

  9. Bro no offense but he legit has the brain of a 10 year old. I used to like XQC but I just realized he’s just a man baby and he has his chat following him like he’s a god. Like did this dude actually go to school

  10. 13:25 $100 to anyone who actually knows who Steve Gleason is and his story… fucking incredible. In case you didn't know, he was diagnosed with ALS and was forced to quit his NFL career. The play that he made there completely changed the game against the Saint's rivals.

  11. I love xqc but cmon can't just watch the video and be impressed he has to make some trash joke and attempt to make a joke and belittle it real haHAA

  12. Normalfrogs in chat can't seem to understand that chat wants to finish the clip not because it's sportshit but because it's a cool emotional/hype video. Also you should always finish what you start in life else you won't accomplish nothing.

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