Yee-Haw! Las Vegas Horseback Riding – July 06, 2012

Yee-Haw! Las Vegas Horseback Riding – July 06, 2012

I'm on a horse be careful honey get your footing mr. ed well hello I'm Shawn I live in Las Vegas with my beautiful wife and two choice I work at a great church shooting edit video and run think international with Jeff Morse the random in-between moments get posted here so good morning everybody Sean and I are up early it's about 7:00 a.m. we are getting ready to go horseback riding for my birthday even though their birthday is until next week for dinner today here we are Mount Charleston trail rides horseback riding whoa boy whoa boy look at them so much however you found us through the website or driving by or a promotion thank you today these are our five basic lighting introductions Wow Tina and mr. ed hey mr. ed here we go Shaun Vietnam he's tall mr. ed the Thai boy I'm on a horse so Sony and I got the experience horses believe it or not we each grew up with horses I used to have a horse named little the little is really mean and bit me a lot and then kiya Bosque yeah why don't you know so we're back and this is actually the first time so any of I've ever horseback written together cottontail rabbit and there's some plans I've never way back in the can that's a great romantic idea full moon rides dude you probably don't do nitrites though here request it and you know what gave a full moon when I'm done which I do on thank you so again we call barbarian question will do it for you wow that's awesome this isn't so oh just took a picture you can check it out right here that's the staple gun there enough you can see them but there they are we're way up be careful honey get your footing mr. ed there's peanut and Sonia they're so fun oh it's nice riding we enjoyed having them on this ride hopefully come back yeah and in the winter we're gonna go on a sleigh ride with them and we're probably gonna go on a night ride yeah yeah she's gonna be so tall Wow look at her oh you know what he was doing a month or is it up-and-comer what in the game markings in the hustle I mean sometimes you just got to try to go for it take a nap I mean it's a long day and and just just laid out I mean wherever what's your name hey hungry say hello to the Internet have you ever been horseback riding at before they're good you

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  1. Thank you! The dogs were SO cute! Add horseback riding to your bucket list, it's so much fun, especially out in nature! 🙂 Thanks for watching!!

  2. Thank you so much!! Sean and I will be apart, because I am going to WA, so we wanted to do something special a little early 🙂

  3. yes, I have been horseback riding 🙂 at my home beach-side on the north shore of Oahu, HI. Oh, the chafing! O_o

  4. What a great trail! Takes me back to when I was a teen and was a trail leader at the local stable. Beautiful day ….thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Sean and Sonia! I'm brought her from Judy's Life, I love what u stand for:) Subscribed! The cowboy guy looks like quite a rugid character. Can he kill a snake with a shovel while sitting down at a campfire? Nice close up of the horses mouth, chomp chompin:P Lastly, no I have not been horse back riding but I love to by the beach. Take care I cant wait to see ur next vid:)

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