YOUNG PLAYERS: How To Increase Your Basketball Shooting Range

YOUNG PLAYERS: How To Increase Your Basketball Shooting Range

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  1. The same with the rising , but i think he's only showing but technique is he most important. Do full range of motion not half.

  2. I can't agree with this pushups . He's only move arms not keep straight his body enough. If we wonna do perfect pushups we need to work on stomach muscles. Next we can do those.

  3. Coach,you should break down more of those,shooting range increase exercises,I mean like pair of dumbbell you only need to increase range or part2

  4. Great video for the young guys to understand that the basic bodyweight excersises are the core of building stability and strength.

    I would however slightly improve the form of the push-up: you want your face to be facing towards the ground and not forward when you are doing it – that way you are not bending your neck and lumbar – you want a neutral spine position, keep your core tight and really focus on your lumbar to not cave in. When you start caving in, end the set, rather than doing bad reps that could hurt you.

  5. coach your videos help me a lot, I'm loving it but a thing that confuse me is the sets and reps. it is depends on me or need to follow the teori of strength training

  6. I need your advice please. So I have a non consistent jumpshot for example, one day I’m knocking done every shot but the next day I can’t hit none of my shot what should I do? One more thing I’m able to get open with my dribble moves but I’m scared that I will make a turnover or miss the shot what should I do?

  7. Coach would it be a good idea for me to combine your at-home vertical workout and core workout and do them on the same day?

  8. what about wrist flexion? i get that this builds up ur arms and legs for shooting but what about when u flick ur wrist?

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