Your TRUE DPS – Shooting Range 2.0 Tutorial (The Division 2)

Your TRUE DPS – Shooting Range 2.0 Tutorial (The Division 2)

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  1. 7:51 there is actually no difference between headshots and body shots XD i thought so too, but you can see the numbers.

  2. Wrong division 1 shooting range showed how much damage u could do based off ya build don't listen to this guy he sucks the division developers dick

  3. Lol why does this game look so bad? And what's with the movement, every time I see a video of this garbage it makes Destiny 2 seem so much better.

  4. Oh man Marco is going to think I am an idiot, I left a comment on one of his videos saying what they should do with the shooting range. They have done everything I suggested lol oops My defence is I dont have the game yet.

    I spent a lot of time in the first games shooting range and didnt even like it, I can see myself spending more time in this one.

  5. To all my fellow agents who got more confused 😖 instead of learning anything from this video. I highly recommend MACROStyle dps video that have tables and a calculator to give you exact DPs result.

  6. Your dps was going “down” bc you were talking to us and not firing. You need to reset to start the timer over. I had a hard time understanding your AoE station explanation. Otherwise, thank you for sharing the vid.

  7. FWIW Marco tested Accuracy in beta and it had basically zero effect on anything other than LMGs. So unless they changed something you might want to check your statement about accuracy being important for snipers.

  8. Anyone tried the division 2 on original xbox one? First edition. Was wondering if it will handle it with no problems.

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