Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : How to Play Mid-Field: Soccer Positions

Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : How to Play Mid-Field: Soccer Positions

My name is Tim Boucher soccer coach of LaSalle
Academy for Expert Village. The next position that we want to talk about are the mid fielders.
The mid fielders are the key to the game. It's often said that the team that controls
the center of the field and when I say that I mean both from the penalty area from the
18 to the 18 and all the way to the side line, whoever controls that part of the field usually
wins the game. The key to playing mid field is you own that part of the field, you are
both on defense where you come back to the 18 and you're also on offense where you go
to your offensive end on the 18. You want to make sure you are passing the ball. A big
key to playing mid field is controlling the ball, moving the ball to the sides, moving
the ball through up to your forward, making that pass to go through. If you have an opportunity
to be able to make a run and go around the outside and chip the ball back across the
middle, you want to do that as well. A big key too, you hear a lot of coaches say this
to those of you who are just starting here, beginning soccer, a big key to it is making
sure you get back on defense. You want to make sure that you always get back and don't
just stay forward, you want to come back. Good luck mid fielders.

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  1. dont forget about iniestas and fabregasses abilities aswell. barca has some of the worlds best midfielders

  2. I'm trying out this fall and I played for 8 years, but i've forgotten a lot about midfield and that was my main position, what do i need to know/do?

  3. Played defense for 7 years and was pretty good at it then played tried forward and I never scored now I play middle and I'm really good at it my coach even pays my uniform and registration to play mid for his team

  4. @55wd11 I would agree to an extent, if Xavi were to score more he would be the best in the world. I think Gerrard is just as capable at passing as Xavi but Xavi's accuracy and consistency is higher.

  5. If you want to be a good midfielder you need a strong grasp on all the basic techniques because you are in the heat of the action. Work every day to improve your ball control, dribbling, and especially passing and shooting. The quicker you can play (1-2 touches) the more success you will have in the middle of the field.

  6. Basically just do it like Xavi
    I know its easy to say but try modelling your game on his and will be surely the best midefielder in your league!!

  7. Every position is important to the game. You can't say the centre mid (although I play centre mid aswell) is the most important part of the game. The centre mid is just the maestro, and without the tuba players and what not, he would be nothing.

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