34 Replies to “Zhang Jike – Built For Table Tennis”

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  2. Ma long and Zhang jike both are immortal Table tennis. Both are world grandmaster table tennis champions.

  3. Best 21st ranked player outside of the top 10. Fitting rank for him. He has lost his mojo. This man has won all and now desires nothing more.

  4. someone stole your video again and put music in it

  5. Jike is the best table tennis player of all time. His skills are in a different level among others. Everything about table tennis is just easy for him. Do not say someone like ma long can beat Jike or what. Nobody can reach Jike in his prime. In addition, Jike was born with a waist injury. If he didn't have this kind of problems, he would have dominated the table tennis field for over 8 years

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