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  1. it looks so easy to do in the video, but while trying I can't get that feeling to change the direction just before making contact. needs a LOT of practice

  2. which racquet is best DHS hurricane 3 neo or mark 5 I am a attacking player any another racquet you could suggest at a low cost

  3. Zhang Jike doesn't do that to confuse his opponents, he's not even doing a regular pendulum serve. His serve is a reverse pendulum serve, that's why his end motion swing is on the other side.

  4. Did anyone notice that they are throwing the ball towards their body and not straight up. It is actually wrong.

  5. Nice video Coach.My question is this.Does the bat quality play a crucial role in generating more spin and speed?Like if we do the sidespin serve with a beginner bat with some rubber vs a high quality bat like the one you use

  6. This is false how you do it. There is almost no sidespin in your serves 1:57 ( You can see the ball closer with just topsin).. And it is predictable

  7. Some of the serves at the end looked illegal as the free hand was obstructing the view of the contact point.

  8. Doesn't the ball have to be thrown straight up to be legal? You seem to be throwing it a long way back towards your body? Just asking as I don't know,

  9. thnx pingskills yall been helping ppl a lot..thnx for doing this .I have know about pendulum serve and also know to do it but im not able to understand about the reverse pendulum serve.

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