24 Replies to “Zhu Yuling vs Wang Manyu | T2 Diamond Malaysia (Final)”

  1. 朱雨玲这次打得很顽强!状态不错的石川、孙影莎和王曼昱都给他打败!可惜欠了伊藤的名字而已。

  2. What is the deal with these annoying whistles being blown? The organizers need to understand that this is an indoor arena.

  3. 什么时候又放这个猪出来了,为什么不强制废除这个傻叉,等着人家伊藤丢中国人么?

  4. Manyu and Chen Meng were world beaters last year. Liu Shiwen came out of nowhere to win the world champ. Last two weeks Sun Yingsha was in top form. This week Zhu Yuling surprised everyone by winning 100K. The Chinese women's team is just unfair to the rest of the world. Who'll represent China in the Tokyo Olympics? It'll be a huge headache for the the Chinese top brass.

  5. Zhu Yuling also wants to Tokio.
    Poor Chinese coaches. How will they decide it?

  6. I hope i will never see such score rules in future.
    Thare is no logic at all

  7. 沒有想到.女單【朱雨鈴】能打敗,【王曼玉】跟【莎莎】【奪冠】,【陳夢】還輸給【日本鬼】!

  8. it seems, after multiple international ping-pong opens, all Chinese top tier players had gotten fetiuged both physically and psychologically when attending T2 diamond, so that the second tier players who attended lot less games before have an advantage in this T2 Diamond. Suggest T2 diamond raises the prizes somewhat so that top tier players would consider to give T2 more weight in their planning.

  9. Big swinging Wang Manyu misses and gets blocked down. Zhu Yuling has variation on the backhand and she is good at borrowing. Wang Manyu beat herself.

  10. Unlike Lin Yun Ju, I doubt Zhu Yuling will take the prize money all by herself. Not sure how much will allocate to players.

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