Zwift Group Ride Fence: Hands-on Look at the New 'Flyer Zapper'

Zwift Group Ride Fence: Hands-on Look at the New 'Flyer Zapper'

back again for another hands-on look at a very new feature that's been rolled out by Swift this week and that is the ride leader fence that has been tested a few months back it's now live we are now testing it live well using it live here on a bunch right it's currently 548 a.m. and those who know me know that I'm not a morning person but I'm committed to checking this out so I've joined the 8 HD our bacon rolls ride led by legend Tim bacon sell here in Australia and we're about to see what it's all about so we've got a minute 33 minutes 31 minute 30 and I've got coffee at hand I've had four hours sleep but I want to see what this is all about so today what we're going to do some hands-on with the ride leader fence you know what it does what we're told is that the ride leader can set a certain distance ahead of the bunker ride that people shouldn't go past if you're signed up for a ride then it's a five watts per kilo ride that's maybe a bit high for this time in the morning let's say it's a 2.5 to 3 watts per kilo ride this one and you're writing it for watts a kilo you shouldn't be in the bunch you've agreed to write it the advertised pace but if you don't typically what happens is flyers go off the front and they drag everyone else with them yes the old saying is let them go let them go but they do impact the event or the experience for everyone else so this fence should stop that having said that there's a few people outside the fence already that's a different fence though so we've got 30 seconds to go what I'm gonna do with Julie's bunch ride for a few minutes then we'll start pushing the limit through the fence so if you're one of those riders who don't want to try this out and don't want to get caught out might as if police you don't have to I'll do it we'll see weather today up few riders on the other side of the start gate I like that already okay so this is the tempest where you go of course today I'm flat so we've got five seconds to go I got called out last night by not having enough speed at the start okay what's up let's go here we are alrighty 60 minute ride and here we go I'll get those what's up into the prescribes eyes where's the bacon ride leader he is just next to me alrighty we'll get this one underway quite a good turnout for 10:00 to 6:00 in the morning and the International turnout as well lots of a few Brits in there good to say okay let's get this blobby first the fitness test right I'm sure there's a few of us are going to be pushing the fence so to speak all righty oh that's hot right it's not going up more coffee you're required so the dealer the dealer there was to make sure you had some power going as the time ticked over so you can make sure the powers up as you roll out and not get caught out last night I was in a big bunch ride I forgot to start pedaling out of 300 I ended up being two hundred and sixtieth straight away which is a bad place to be okay now you can see there the right leaders are saying he's on front eggs on front what we'll do I'll fast forward a few minutes I'll get into the groove well it'll get me warmed up then we'll start pushing that ride fence and see how it goes okay because if the fence is popped on five seconds in front of the bacon let's go touch the fence without going through I think everyone to do the same there it is and I think most people there I'm just pushing it to test what it's about or almost there we're almost is it gonna zip through oh I got half but all right hope I'm through I'm through return to group warning comes up on the screen all right that's not what we want to be okay so there we go we can go half but half but not all the way how do you think most of the bunch is pushing through it because we're all testing it out and Tim male asks what happens after 60 seconds Tim I want to know that as well but for now I'm having fun with the bug-zapper will we start seeing people drop so I'm going to sit here for a few minutes we'll get 130 in the group 130 more in the group no numbers all up but we've got amount of people in front it takes 60 seconds to speak keep popping people out let's have a look if that number goes hey everyone's reporting that it works so there must be getting thrown out okay it's like sweeping the the fall out on the top of the Chernobyl power plant you can only be there for a few seconds then you got to get back in or it's game over you're 30 minutes to quit and rejoin okay what this does it's it's a nice barrier for me rather than the bacon which smooth I guess forward and back this fence will also move forward and back but it's easier to see than the bacon or the beacon because it takes up the whole screen very much like motor pacing this feels like but you can see there most people are pushing themselves through it heaven there we go reporting from the boss for have managed to get themselves improving all right okay I'm gonna sit here for a few minutes to make this session with while then we'll go into the danger zone and stay there okay you saw there Tim announced he was moving it out and it pushed it out a little further to probably ten seconds there we go confirmed so everyone pushes out the ten seconds this is just like in a real race a neutral start where everyone pushes up to the car it seems right on the bumper bar you see these rollouts in the Tour de France etc ha that's tough work 6:00 a.m. let's get it down oh okay and then we are people then swarm around the arch zap the giant bug zapper I think this is how it will end up working on through quick get the but get the putt back in get in that's the drafting effects pull me to the other side there's a lot of people going to be booted from this now it still says 136 more in group so I'm not sure if we can count the amount of people getting booted why those numbers there but there's a lot of people break-in our outlaws all of them including me I got 52 seconds to get back here but this will be for me the motor pastebot easier to see easy to stick to and you can see everyone swarming around it so that's the bugs up fence I'd call this one the gtfo feature get the Flyers out see if you get a good camera angle here or as long as I don't press sir down there we go and Tim's pushed it all it's gonna say Tim pushed it out but that's just the movement of that based on weight in the ride leader is they seem that there we level up and there's me just breaking through the fence and even after Tim pushed it out you can see if I'm swarming niren i'm gonna bunnyhop it good call take luck but there's no question about that everyone's swarming towards the fence as a guide rather than a limit they're using it as west of ride this is like a motor fight and everyone is swarmed right there next is to get the text lower on the screen so we can see what's going on it's on my request to have that ride later text put down below or apply it's right in the line of sight alrighty good question there from team or just conversation around the feature it being only sort of test or preview feature at the moment how's it our work at intersections there's multiple directions or there's a lot of people busting masturbatory looks well we Don sideview I agree that's why we're there oh I wouldn't have thought it started to act as a grouping feature I really didn't think it sort of hang out there and people wouldn't want to touch it what may be handy is if it if you touched it you've got to power down not a power up a power down which say haves your watts for five seconds or put a sort of disc brakes on your bike or something like that so it would slow you down and throw you back from the fence there needs to be a way to discourage people from wanting to touch the fence because you can see it right here everyone's pushing up against it it's like this speed limit out on the road it's the speed limit it's not the advice for your traveller it's the limit but everyone travels at the speed limit or just about everyone's behaving a little bit now okay Tim saying just reset it you know see how it operates on the turn around does it know which way we're gonna turn not quite it will come back as soon as I'm on me Wow it'll come back there we go Vince went the wrong way look the community are pretty forgiving for things like it's especially when it's a test event and when knowing that it's a it's a preview this seems to be working pretty well every bit of a chuckle at that Oh bit of a colonoscopy okay and back again I casted a fence knew where to go and I'm through I'm through see if it'd be nice to I guess if you touch the fence it would slow you down it's gonna break through and keep going you can break through and keep going maybe this zone should then do the blur effect they're dropping back so it's behind me now there we go it feels like I'm going through a giant car wash okay that's a bit of fun something so simple as that it's now implemented in one of these rides but you can see here everyone's lighting up everyone's having a bit of fun with it new features a new experience that's the key providing new experiences on here we've all been riding bikes for years and years a lot of us have been riding Swift for years and years literally using these well team especially non-stop for using these so they have something new that changes the experience like this look at everyone swarming like bugs – a saboteur alright we'll get a few more kilometers up the road and then I'll start having fun Oh Tim dropped it way back if there's a lot of us caught out here 16 seconds I can just not put little we're gonna be booted straight away okay cool and you can see a lot of other riders at the same then I just stopped adds a bunch give him sad it's like there's Tim bacon tasting at out we all know it's a test event so start backpedaling in cuts and that's bunch everyone up I'm having way too much fun here all right back to your teams back there somewhere in the flowers another one got booted all right so the fences on but I'm far enough back not to see it now it's still on my mini-map can the feds get power I say power down one more try for two seconds oh whoa bug zappers bewitched right on everyone camera angle that's kicked everyone in chick like a game of chicken it's exactly what's going on exactly it'll be a nightmare on climbs very good point from the Kevin who mentioned that very good point it would be a nightmare on clients ok nothing happens at the rear it's a safe zone will drop this powerup and fit back up the front I can't even type the summer wedding okay I'm going at the fence let's do it let's get on the other side of the fence let's get booted from the event and see what happens well it takes a bit to get up here for now we're going in let's do it we're in this video we'll only go for another 56 seconds all right we're staying ahead of it just to see what happens okay we're past it that's you nervous now this is gonna be it five four three two what happens okay I'm back to reality with everyone else I've been booted from the grip ride I'm no longer participating there we go boom I'm out and I'm on my own okay so I can still see the chats from that group but then we're going on the part of the event in regards to timing in regards to the rival list that is it pretty uneventful I expected some explosions or some handcuffs given we're riding down old town road maybe a sheriff to come out for our a warning shot and an explosive okay let's do one last trick here I'll see if I can log in by the companion app and rejoin late now I don't think this is gonna work but I'll have a look at what we can do hey events they're probably part way up past the time of root Lake join I think so not gonna happen there alrighty I'm gonna pull up for now I forgot my town still – way too early in the morning to get properly prepared for me no my coffee has been consumed so there we are the ride leader fence on swift it's optionally available for ride leaders you won't see it in just normal riding along it's all about joining that event and sticking to the rules and hopefully you've got a friendly friendly ride leader who won't push that fence from ten back to two seconds they've got really close there but as you can see I'm on my lonesome now because I broke the law if I had a sucker those mortgages prescribed it would have been good so I think it's a really cool feature long time coming but as you saw at the start that I think this is gonna be used as a mode of paid suit or a pacing bot hmm because everyone was pushing up against that bug zapper but not wanting to go through it was never really left dangling pick would never left wondering what would happen they knew that it was a focal point at the at the front of everyone unlike the ride leader which can be behind you when she got us with a chick on the screen so there we are I'm down Old Town Road by myself because I'm an outlaw that's the right leader fence as tested here on Swift with bacon taste of bacon for running this one so very early in the morning anyway that's what we can expect okay I'm rambling it's early might be time for another coffee thanks for watching remember hit subscribe to support what I'm up to here on the channel big thumbs up if you like what we're up to here showing people the experience without having to get up corded the six yourself alright have a good day everyone

25 Replies to “Zwift Group Ride Fence: Hands-on Look at the New 'Flyer Zapper'”

  1. Not so sure I’m a fan. I get the point and can see it is good in some ways.

    But sometimes it’s nice to join a group ride for the motivation factor but do a few intervals off the front and drop back to the group in between them.
    I already thought that the only people following fliers were people who wanted to ride harder too.

    I always saw the majority of people blobbing around the leader before, and if the leader is holding the prescribed w/kg then everyone who wants to do the same can just choose to hang onto the leaders wheel.

  2. Have users LOSE experience points if you go beyond the fence! It's a game, eh? Show how well you can stick to a power.

  3. Nic vid Shane, saw you had signed up, so many there didn’t see your cool avatar, was interesting test, think it will help Tim and team keep it together once it settles in especially for us keeping the giant rear in tow, just gave me more time for the bacon roll banter @nosocks 🇬🇧

  4. Add a rear fence as well and the ride leader would have their own Death Star trash compactor to play with! That'd keep the group under the thumb.

  5. what does it look like to the ride leader? how do they control it? As a ride leader myself, keen to find out …

  6. I like how it works. But, the visual aspect of the fence is a joke. Maby this was just for test, did not see through the video. The fence showing up should be right at were you pass it and not seen through out the ride. To me, Return to Group! Message with the countdown would be enough and not mess up surrounding enviroment. Might be a language thing the fence, but still. Every time leader says go for sprint section you will probably see the fence if not turned off.. A well.. Only time will tell..

  7. I stopped being a ride leader because I got fed up of constantly asking people to slow down. Looks like a good feature.

  8. Would love to see the fence increase resistance the longer you are on the other side of it until you're riding at a 25% grade and can't sustain it and are forced to rejoin the group or blow

  9. As a ride leader of a sub2.0 weekly group ride……. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS. Thanks for the video Llama 🙂

  10. This is so stupid. What if I need to jump off for a minute? Now I can't ride ahead and then jump off. Why join grouprides I guess.

  11. wish I had this leading my real life rides some days 😅

    I'd like if the fence could punish riders going past it, increasing power over time (10, 20, 30… 500%) to maintain that speed. let the fast guys get what they want (a challenge!) but keep the group together

  12. Must be said, after 30 minutes we stopped testing the functionality/trying to get booted. Group settled down and wasn't riding just on the fence limit – grouped back at the beacon instead. A lot of what this shows was testing as opposed to how it will run for a proper ride – worked well in all.

  13. Could this be turned into a breakaway game? If the ride leader is a strong rider, set the fence to 10sec and have people try to push the gap out to over 10 seconds and hold for 60sec while the ride leader tries to reel them back in.

  14. Thank you for the update.
    Replace the bug zapper with a team car or sponsors car.
    Zwift could make advertising $$$ with car manufacturers?

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